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Gilford schools now open for a new year

September 05, 2018
Gilford's schools opened their doors for another year of learning this past week, with students, faculty, and staff seeing some improvements to all three buildings.

School opened for the staff on Monday and Tuesday mornings. At the opening, Superintendent Kirk Beitler said he talked about what they had done all summer and what books they had read. Educators also had team meetings and set up their rooms.

Marcel Lebrun, a specialist in special education with a concentration in emotional and behavioral disorders from PSU, spoke with the staff about working with students with anxiety and depression.

Students were back in the classrooms on Wednesday. The weather that day was hot thought Beitler said they planned for that.

Beitler said the teachers did a great job and were working with their students right away.

"They jumped right in feet first," Beitler said.

All three school buildings had work done over the summer and students and staff saw some improved features.

A new roof was installed at Gilford Middle School, which Beitler said was a huge project.

The entryway at Gilford Elementary School has been more secured. Previously, visitors would be buzzed at the front door and enter the hallway before checking in at the office. Now visitors will come directly from the door into the office to be checked in and proceed with their business.

The gym was redone at Gilford High School. The floor was sanded and painted and the ceiling was cleaned and painted.

"It's quite different; it's so much lighter and brighter in there now," Beitler said. "It's really a great look."

Other projects included painting classrooms, updating pumps, and installing a new hydraulic system for the high school elevator.

This year, Gilford schools are focusing on innovation. Beitler said they will be working on finding what work habits and common skills are needed by students in all buildings.

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