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Liberty Hill road repairs deferred pending closer look at the road

August 24, 2018
Scheduled work on Liberty Hill will be postponed until next year while the town figures out how much work the road will really need.

Public Works Director Jason Hayden spoke with the selectmen about the road schedule during their meeting on Aug. 8, asking for some changes given some unknown road conditions on Liberty Hill.

The town was scheduled to repair 2,500 feet of Liberty Hill Road this year, though Hayden said this is going to be a "giant project" with some u knowns and recommended not doing it this year. He said it will likely cost $377,923 to get the whole project done, and if they try now it's not likely that will be the accurate number. He said there are a number of other roads they could repair instead this year, such as Wilderness Trail, Haywagon Road, High View Circle, Beacon Hill, and Wild View Acres between Sherwood Forest and Liberty Hill.

He said they are in the middle of inspecting the pipes on Liberty Hill Road and figuring out the shape of the underdrain sewer. He and next year they could approach work on that road with real numbers.

Hayden said even doing 2,500 feet of the road could result in the discovery of unexpected issues and ensuing expenses. He said he was suggesting doing a shim and overlay though that would not work since they have already found a bad culvert and a lot of ledge.

"If you guys so choose to start on Liberty, I'm not opposed to it," Hayden said. "I'm trying to get down as much asphalt as I can for the year."

Board Chair Gus Benavides said the board has wanted to stay committed to the road plan, though said they trust Hayden's expertise and recommendations.

"We have some information we need to alter this road plan and if you bring the valid reasons behind you, we are open to hearing from you," Benavides said.

Benavies asked if Hayden it would hurt to take a couple more weeks to try to find money and finish the project this year. Hayden said they rely on contractors, who are also working in surrounding communities. He said two weeks would not give them enough time to work with this. Additionally, many parts of the road important to the project are buried and they don't know what shape they will be in when the digging starts.

Selectman Chan Eddy said there a lot of unknowns on this project.

"Me being an engineer I don't like unknowns," Eddy said. "It's sounding more and more to me like we should consider putting off Liberty Hill Road until (we) have more information."

He said if issues came up the taxpayers wouldn't want them to do the same road twice.

"It's sounding more and more like Liberty Hill is a crapshoot, it's my opinion that we go for the sure thing: do top to bottom and have a better idea of what needs to be fixed," said selectman Richard Grenier.

The selectmen agreed by consensus to do Wilderness Trail, Haywagon Road, High View Circle, Beacon Hill, and Wild View Acres between Sherwood Forest and Liberty Hill this year and save Liberty Hill Road for next year.

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