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Local teen attains Eagle Scout rank

New Eagle Scout Owen Day presents a pin to his mom April Day. (Photo by Erin Plummer) (click for larger version)
April 19, 2017
A Gilford High School student has joined the ranks of Eagle Scouts after a special ceremony this weekend.

On Saturday, Boy Scout Troop 243 held a Court of Honor at the Belknap County Sportsmen's Club for Owen Day to receive the rank of Eagle Scout.

Day has been a Boy Scout since 2011, starting with Troop 272 in Nashua before coming to troop 243 in Gilford. He is currently a junior at Gilford High School.

"Since day one, really, it's been a goal of mine to become an Eagle Scout," Day said.

Day's mentors from his current and former troop, along with members of his family, talked about his scouting journey and the hard work that put him where he is today.

Assistant Scoutmaster Kurt Webber of Troop 243 said he was not surprised to see Day achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.

"From the very first day, I knew he would be Eagle," Webber said. "I don't know if I've ever seen a more disciplined and more driven scout."

Webber described Day as an excellent leader.

"He was always willing to step up and take the lead," Webber said.

Though Day was nervous about whether he would pass his Review Board, Webber said "There wss no doubt in my mind he was going to smoke the board of review."

Bob Trabucchi, scoutmaster for Troop 272 in Nashua, remembered when Owen joined the troop and became one of its nucleus members.

"Owen has been, and will continue to be, a good friend and brother and scout," Trebucchi said.

Trabucchi said Owen is "always ready" and "Proud to be a man of his word."

"It's been an honor to serve you as one of your past leaders," Trabucchi said.

Owen's father, Bill Day, presented a video slideshow of his son's accomplishments, which was put together by Owen's mom April Day.

"The Scouting program is a broad brush; everybody's journey is different," Bill Day said. "Very few scouts get to sit in this chair, that doesn't mean that the journey of other scouts is less."

Bill Day himself is an Eagle Scout.

"My experience has stayed with me for a lifetime," Bill Day said, recounting how this shared experience with a work colleague helped them work through a conflict. "This journey he has just begun now stays with you for a lifetime."

Day's project was to build an equipment shelter by the Gilford High School track. He said before this there was no place for student to put their gear while on the field.

Day created a covered structure where students can hang their jackets and bags.

The Gilford School Board approved the project and Day said the board really seemed to like it.

Day said the project took around 40 hours to construct. He had a lot of help from family, many members of his troop, and a few area businesses.

Owen Day said during his Eagle Scout Address when people learn he is going for Eagle rank, the only question people will ask is what his project is. He said while that is an important part, there are so much else that is important. He recounted some of his most memorable experiences in scouts.

"There is much more to becoming an Eagle Scout than the project or the experience," Day said. "It was the people who guided me on my journey through my scouting experience."

Day recognized his parents and scout leaders.

"The amount of time and effort they put into other people is absolutely outstanding and is not only appreciated by me but by the rest of the boys," Day said.

The end song of Day's slideshow was "Where My Heart Will Take Me," which reflects Day's journey. Bill and April Day both said a line in the song especially reflects their son's progress: "It's been a long road."

April Day said she has seen how Owen has matured and said this has been a growing experience.

"It really helped him turn into a very wonderful young man," April Day said.

Day will soon serve as Junior Assistant Scoutmaster for the troop.

"It's wonderful to have him get it at age where he sill can be part of it," Bill Day said.

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