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Dr. Carl Ladd of Groveton has been named N.H.'s 2014 Superintendent of the Year.

December 18, 2013
CONCORD — The N. H. School Administrators Association, in coordination with the American Association of School Administrators, has named Dr. Carl Ladd as the state's 2014 Superintendent of the Year.

Ladd, who serves Superintendent of Schools in the 500-pupil SAU #58 which encompasses Northumberland, Stark and Stratford School Districts in Cos County, will receive a special award in Feb. 2014 during the National Conference on Education in Nashville Tenn.

Ladd was selected for this honor by a panel of his peers and from among a distinguished group of nominees.

"Dr. Ladd is deeply committed to strengthening the academic success of his students and understands that a key to moving his SAU forward is strengthening the skills and capacities of his leaders," explained Janet Strauss, the New England Coordinator for the National Institute for School Leadership (NISL) in a prepared statement. "Dr. Ladd is committed to intellectual growth and professional improvement. Carl is truly an exceptional person. His work ethic, humility and integrity are beyond reproach."

SAU #58 school board chairman Dave Auger said, "Essential to a successful education is the establishment of fundamental goals for each district and the SAU each year. Dr. Ladd provides such leadership in the creation of realistic goals, approved by the board at the beginning of each school year. Such goals are buildable in subsequent years, providing a consistent way forward for educational progress across the SAU. These goals become a common focus for all administration and teacher efforts."

Ladd earned his B.S. in 1996 at Lyndon State College in Lyndonville, Vt., a M.Ed. in 2002 from the Vermont College of Norwich University, a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study from Plymouth State University in 2005, and a Doctorate of Education in 2010 from Argosy University at Sarasota, Fla.

He assumed his first administative post in 2000 when he became an assistant principal at the Lancaster School in SAU #36. In 2002 he became the interim principal-superintendent for SAU #77 in Monroe. Ladd became principal in 2003 at the Groveton Elementary School and in 2007 became Superintendent of Schools in Groveton. He left the state from 2009 to 2011 to become Superintentendent of Schools near Turner's Falls, Mass., and then returned to his previous post where his salary is $96,900, without receiving any health insurance benefits.

Ladd and his wife, Michele, a sixth-grade teacher at the Lancaster School, live in Groveton. He moved there when he was only a year-and-a-half old.

The couple's older daughter, 25-year-old Caitlyn, has chosen a career in early chldhool education and works in Epping.

The couple's younger daughter, 23-year-old Carrie, is a Peace Corps volunteer whose assignment at an SOS Children's orphanage in Tacloban City, Phillipines, was disrupted by this fall's typhoon. She, like all volunteers whose stays were affected by the devastating typhoon, came home the night before Thanksgiving as a surprise worked out with her sister and will remain on home leave until after Christmas. Carrie, who readily learned to speak Tagalog after majoring taking four years of Arabic at UMass- Amherst, is now awaiting her next assignment, and her parents are enjoying their time with her.

Dr. Ladd pointed out in a telephone interview that the honor he will receive in February has very little to do with him. "This recognition can be attributed to the administrative team in our SAU and to all the teachers and other staff who do the yeoman's work every day in the lives of our kids— all of which is focused on the end goal of student achievement," Ladd said. "There are four principals who keep close tabs on the day-to-day activities in each of the SAU's four buildings: GHS-Middle School principal Mike Kelley, who is an experienced leader that we were lucky enough to attract; Groveton Elementary School principal Mat Forest who is in his third year of providing leadership; Stratford Elementary School (K to 8) principal Sandi Adams; and Stark Elementary School (K-6) teaching principal Bridget Gagne.

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