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Bolduc Park gets flowery support

From left to right, Bolduc Park owner Gary Bolduc, Charlie Hughes, Jeff Moses, Greg Lemay, president Chris Guilmett, and assistant superintendent Allen Hughes. (Erin Plummer) (click for larger version)
October 24, 2012
Invasive weeds at Bolduc Park have been replaced with beautiful flowers thanks to volunteer efforts.

More than 100 varieties of perennials have been planted on the grounds next to the golf course/ski trail in the past few months with plants and planting efforts donated by park guests, local businesses and schools, and a team of dedicated volunteers.

Owner/manager Bob Bolduc said one side of the grounds was covered in Japanese knotweed, an invasive plant species that Bolduc said was taking over the entire area. The park also had problems with wild roses and thorns and bittersweet.

"It was just a menace to the park," Bolduc said.

An effort was then put in place to get rid of the parasitic plants. The knotweed and other invasives were all taken out, and the grounds were sprayed to prevent their re-growth. The weed removal left some apple and maple trees, but the surrounding grounds were otherwise bare. The park then started to collect and plant perennials in that area, creating a perennial garden around the course.

The park collected plants donated by golfers, offering a free round for the donation of flowers and plants. The main sponsors of the project were Lowes, Agway, Petal Pushers, and Gilford Home Center, all of whom donated flowers and supplies for the garden.

Bolduc said the park has received more than 100 varieties of perennials. Plants will still be accepted until snow starts flying, and the park moves to cross-country skiing.

Members of the volunteer staff worked to plant the flowers. Students from New Hampton School and the Huot Technical Center also helped with the project.

Bolduc also lauded the efforts of all the volunteers who work at Bolduc Park.

All of the volunteers were honored at their annual dinner on Oct. 23 at Patrick's Pub and Eatery. Bolduc said he is always looking for more volunteers to help at the park.

Bolduc Park will be holding a Halloween golf tournament on Oct. 27 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. with a costume contest, an 18-hole death match, Ghouls Luncheon, and Coach Dracula's Trophy Ceremony.

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