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Gilford residents support Lamontagne, Hassan for Governor in Primary

September 19, 2012
Gilford residents cast their ballots for the 2012 State Primary Election Tuesday, Sept. 11, with 1,187 Republican ballots and 632 Democratic ballots cast out of the total 5,402 registered voters.

For the gubernatorial race, Gilford residents voted 781 for Ovide Lamontagne (R) and 361 for Maggie Hassan (D), followed by Republican candidates Kevin Smith with 349 votes and Robert Tarr with 15 votes, and Democratic candidates Jackie Cilley with 198 votes and Bill Pearce Kennedy with 46 votes.

For Representative in Congress, Gilford voters supported Republican candidates Frank Guinta with 944 votes, followed by Rick Parent with 137 votes and Vern Clough with 28 votes and Democratic candidate Carol Shea-Porter with 576 votes.

For Executive Councilor, Gilford voters cast 776 votes for Raymond Burton (R), followed by fellow Republican Jerry Thibodeau with 289 votes and Democratic Candidate Beth Funicella with 470 votes.

For State Senator, Gilford voters supported Republican candidates Joshua Youssef with 608 votes, followed by William Grimm with 455 votes and Democratic Candidate Andrew Hosmer with 547 votes.

For State Representatives, Gilford voters supported Republican candidates Kevin Leandro with 728 votes, followed by Colette Worsman with 661 votes, Robert Greemore, Jr. with 630 votes and Herb Vadney with 599 votes, and Democratic candidates Lisa DiMartino with 494 votes, followed by William Johnson with 425 votes, Kate Miller with 389 votes and Sandra Mucci with 374 votes.

Residents cast 955 votes for Sherrif Craig Wiggin , 898 votes for Melissa Countway Guldbrandsen (R) for County Attorney and 929 votes for Stephen Nedeau (R) for County Commissioner; all three ran unopposed for the Primary.

For Register of Deeds, Gilford residents cast 919 votes for Muchael G. Muzzy (R) and 427 votes for Kerstin Ahigren.

For Register of Probate, Gilford residents cast 933 votes for Keren Bricker (R) and 429 votes for Esther Shartar-Howe.

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