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New requirements await voters at the polls Tuesday

September 05, 2012
Registered Gilford voters can cast their ballots for the 2012 New Hampshire Primary and Gilford's own Special Town Meeting Tuesday, Sept. 11 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Gilford Middle School gymnasium.

The only article set for the Special Town meeting is regarding the purchase of a new fire engine to replace Gilford Fire Engine Four, which is currently out of service and in a state of disrepair, according to Lakes Region Fire Apparatus technicians.

The article states: "Shall the Town vote to authorize the Board of Selectmen to enter into a long term lease/purchase agreement for an amount not to exceed four hundred forty-one thousand eight hundred twenty dollars ($441,820) payable over a term of ten years for a new fire engine to replace the 1987 Ranger Fire Engine #4, provided that no funds are required to be raised or appropriated during the current fiscal year for the first year's payment for that purpose. The estimated lease payments beginning in 2013 will be $50,901 per year. (3/5 vote required) (Recommended by the Board of Selectmen 3 to 0) (Recommended by the Budget Committee 8 to 4)."

Residents made no changes to the article during the Deliberative Session Tuesday, Aug. 7.

Selectmen scheduled the Special Town Meeting vote to coincide with the state Primary vote so there would be no additional cost for taxpayers to host another voting session.

New voter identification laws require that registered voters provide, for any election before Sept. 1, 2013, one of the following forms of identification: a driver's license issued by any state (even if expired); ID card issued by the New Hampshire DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles); U.S. Armed Services ID card; U.S. Passport (even if expired); valid photo ID card issued by either the federal government or a state, county or municipal government; valid student ID card; other photo ID deemed legitimate by the supervisors of the checklist, the moderator, or the clerk; or verification of identity by a supervisor of the checklist, the moderator or the clerk.

Any voter who does not provide a form of approved identification in an election before Nov. 1 will be informed of the new law and permitted to vote.

Between Nov. 1 and Sept. 1, 2013, voters who do not present identification will be permitted to vote after executing a challenged voter affidavit.

Voters without proper identification may apply for a free photo ID for voting purposes only by presenting a voucher from their town clerk or the Secretary of State to any New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicle office that issues identification.

For more information, visit the Gilford town Web site or Town Clerk Tax Collector office at Gilford Town Hall.

Editor's note: For a more detailed look at the changes voters will see at the polls Tuesday as a result of the new voter ID law, see page A3.

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