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Local ski resorts kick off snow making

by Tara Giles
Sports reporter - Coos County Democrat and Berlin Reporter
November 18, 2021
REGION — Snowmaking has begun at Bretton Woods and Cannon Mountain getting skiers and snowboard enthusiasts alike excited for the upcoming winter season. Opening day predictions are still up in the air.

The sport of downhill skiing and riding has been a part of the culture in the North Country since the 18th century. There's no doubt the sport is the perfect mixture of exercise, sunshine and fun. Everything needed to get through a long cold winter.

What's more refreshing is the age at which most skiers can still take part in their favorite hobby. It's not uncommon to see people in their late 80's and 90's flying down the slopes. The sport took hold in the 1970's and that momentum has only increased with the sport being inexpensive enough for all to enjoy until recently.

Despite a skyrocket in ticket prices, older skiers are afforded senior discounts and many serve as ski instructors for complimentary tickets. Although gear and outerwear has changed over the years, the passion has remained.

Older skiers say that because they have kept 'moving' everyday, they never seem to lose their 'ski legs'.

They say that because life has slowed down a bit, they have more time to hit slopes, therefore are less likely to overdo it. Although their reflexes have slowed down and bodies tire faster, they are still able to ski within their own limits. They say sticking to easier trails is key, because a bad fall at an older age could cause more issues than a fall at 16. Even with this risk, they choose to keep going as long as possible while their counterparts are perhaps content staying inside and less active.

Wise older skiers, say that using up to date equipment such as helmets is also crucial, along with making sure boots and bindings are working properly. Another tip is to ski during off peak times to avoid standing in long lines.

Some say that skiing could be the secret to a nice long life. Videos of skiers up to the age of 100 can be found with a simple Google search. According to the experts, the best bit of advice is to not let a number dictate what you do.

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