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Woodburn appeals sentence

by Tara Giles
Sports reporter - Coos County Democrat and Berlin Reporter
August 25, 2021
LANCASTER — Former state Sen. Jeff Woodburn has appealed his conviction for domestic violence to the state Supreme Court. The former Senator was arrested in 2018.

In May, the jury found Woodburn not guilty for one count of domestic violence, one count of criminal trespass and three counts of simple assault. On the flip side, they found him guilty on one count of simple assault, two counts of criminal mischief (for breaking a dryer and a door) and one count of domestic violence for biting. Of the nine charges, five were dismissed and four held. Both parties relayed they felt thankful to be believed by the jury.

In July, Woodburn was sentenced to 60 days, however one day prior to the start of that sentence, he filed a notice of appeal.

Of the appeal, Woodburn stated, "I believe in the system; trust that the truth will be revealed, the vail over the process will be lifted and ultimately justice will prevail. More importantly, I hope my story will help bend our prosecutorial system towards the pursuit of truth, not people, and help others."

In the appeal, Woodburn asks if the judge violated his constitutional rights, for failing to permit him to argue self defense and questioned the court when they prevented him from submitting evidence regarding the victim's alleged hostility towards him. Woodburn is also questioning why the court did not permit his attorney to cross examine the victim regarding recordings made without his knowledge and a stolen journal.

The process could take up to one year.

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