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WMRHS confirms two COVID-19 cases

by Tara Giles
Sports reporter - Coos County Democrat and Berlin Reporter
November 26, 2020
WHITEFIELD — On Nov. 19, SAU 36 Superintendent Marion Anastasia was informed of two positive cases at White Mountains Regional High School.

In a letter to families, she stated, "We are actively working with and following guidelines from the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)."

Since March, there have been 266 cases confirmed in Coos County, with the bulk, 230, reported in the last few weeks. Colebrook, West Stewartstown and Berlin are seeing the highest numbers at this time. In the SAU 36 district, there are currently between one and four cases in Jefferson and Whitefield. Northumberland has reported between one and four active cases, and neighboring Littleton has 12 active.

Anastasia relayed to families that school nurses along with the COVID-19 Coordinator have recommended the schools continue to function as they have been, with no reason to move to full remote learning.

"This advice comes because the internal contact tracing indicates minimal risk for transmission in these isolated cases. Transmission has happened outside of the school," said Anastasia.

She added, "There are no known contacts in the elementary schools. If there are any changes in the school schedule, we will immediately send out an alert. Otherwise, the school is deemed safe for your child(ren) to participate as planned."

Per NH DHHS, anyone that has been in close contact with either individual will be notified by the District's COVID-19 Coordinator so that those individuals can begin quarantine.

"Those families and staff will be directed to get tested and keep themselves or their children quarantined until 14 days following their last possible exposure," said Anastasia.

Anastasia issued a reminder of guidelines to follow.

She reminded families, "If you or your child are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, such as a fever, chills, respiratory illness, aches or change in taste and smell, please stay home and away from others and get a COVID-19 test."

She added, "Please note that if you or your child are currently quarantined, you must complete quarantine, even if your test is negative. This is because the maximum amount of time from being exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19 and testing positive is 14 days. Therefore, even if your child tests negative today, they would need to quarantine until they reach the 14th day following exposure."

Lastly the Superintendent said, "The safety of our children, employees and visitors is our top priority."

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