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Fentanyl still leading cause of NH overdose deaths

by Tara Giles
Sports reporter - Coos County Democrat and Berlin Reporter
July 30, 2020
REGION — Recent drug data was released from the state showing that fentanyl is still the biggest culprit in overdose deaths. Data from January of 2020 through July 2020 reveals that so far this year, there have been 161 overdose deaths with 73 pending toxicology.

Fentanyl mixed with other drugs, excluding heroin accounted for 63 deaths. Heroin mixed with fentanyl took three lives and other opiates took 16 lives. Unknown opiates was responsible for one life. Other drugs accounted for 23 deaths.

The data also showed that 21 deaths were related to cocaine and 20 from methamphetamine. 16 of the 21 cocaine related deaths and 15 of the 20 methamphetamine deaths also included fentanyl.

Overdose deaths per month have ebbed and flowed over the past two years. In January of 2018, there were 30 overdose deaths, four less than in 2020. In February, there were 35 overdose deaths, down from five the previous year. March saw a drop of eight deaths from 2018-2020. April of 2020 showed overdose deaths up by seven from 2019. In May, overdose deaths increased by ten from 2019. June of this year revealed 26 overdose deaths while 2019, showed 31.

By town, there have been 28 overdose deaths in Manchester, with nine pending toxicology. Nashua listed 12 with four pending toxicology. Rochester had nine, with one pending. Dover showed seven overdose deaths with one pending. Franklin had six overdose deaths listed and Concord had four with three pending. Lastly, Derry had four with two pending.

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