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Local election results at a glance

by Tara Giles
Sports reporter - Coos County Democrat and Berlin Reporter
November 14, 2018
REGION — It was a busy day at the polls last Tuesday with voter turnout at an all time high in our northern towns. There wasn't any race where one candidate sky rocketed above the other except in the race for United States Congress, where Annie Kuster won by a large margin.

In Lancaster, the tallies are as follows:


Molly Kelly 547

Chris Sununu 657

Jiletta Jarvis 17

Rep in Congress

Annie Kuster 638

Steven Negron 551

Executive Councilor

Mike Cryans 525

Joe Kenney 637

State Senator

Jeff Woodburn 484

David Starr 652

State Representative Coos 4

Herb Richardson 610

Kevin Craig 584

State Representative Coos 7

Cathleen Fountain 576

Troy Merner 611


Brian Valerino 1135

County Attorney

John G. McCormick 811

County Treasurer

Emily Jacobs 475

Suzanne Collins 697

Register of Deeds

Leon Rideout 689

Nathan Morin 507

Register of Probate

Terri Peterson 920

County Commissioner

Tom Brady 908

Groveton Results

Molly Kelly 270

Chris Sununu 405

Representative for Congress

Annie Kuster 343

Steven Negron 325

Executive Councilor

Mike Cryans 240

Joe Kenney 395

State Rep District 2

Wayne Moynihan 432


Brian Valerino


County Attorney

John McCormick 428

County Treasurer

Emily Jacobs 252

Suzanne Collins 406

Register of Deeds

Leon Rideout 444

Nathan Morin 226

Register of Probate

Terri Peterson 524

County Commissioner

Richard J. Samson 523

Whitefield Results


Molly Kelly 403

Chris Sununu 467

Representative in Congress

Ann Kuster 478

Steve Negron 396

Executive Councilor

Joe Kenney 453

Mike Cryans 384

State Senator

David Starr 464

Jeff Woodburn 391

State Representative

Troy Merner 454

Cathleen 421


Brian Valerino 430

County Attorney

John G. McCormick 531

County Treasurer

Emily Jacobs 375

Suzanne Collins 486

Register of Deeds

Leon Rideout 483

Nathan Morin 391

Register of Probate

Terri Peterson 613

County Commissioner

Tom Brady 623

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