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Spartan field hockey welcomes Labounty back to the helm

by Tara Giles
Sports reporter - Coos County Democrat and Berlin Reporter

August 14, 2017
WHITEFIELD — Jeanine Labounty, teacher leader and instructional coach for White Mountains Regional High School is back in the coach's seat for the upcoming season. Labounty has 21 years of field hockey coaching experience and was a strong player throughout her high school and college careers.

After taking a short break to focus on family, Labounty said, "I could see that there was a need for a coach so I got the ok from the family to go for it. They were very supportive and knew that I missed coaching. This is a great opportunity and I'm glad the door opened back up."

When asked what makes her a good coach, Labounty said, "I think I'm fair and consistent and I have a good connection with the kids. There's more to the game than just racking up wins. You have to move them from where they are and bring them further ahead. A lot of my teaching philosophy can be applied to my coaching."

Labounty is looking forward to reconnecting with the kids, "Two of the seniors, I coached as freshmen so that will be neat. I'm also looking forward to getting involved in extra-curricular activities at our school."

To start, Labounty will figure out the team's goals. "We'll figure out our team goals as a group, but the goal is to hopefully get kids to have playing time and to be the best version of themselves. It's important that they're part of something bigger than themselves, then they get a sense of the real world."

Labounty added, "Another goal is to compete in every game and to win the ones we should and compete in the ones we don't."

On the incoming team, Labounty said, "There are two seniors who have been playing on varsity since they were a freshman so they have a lot of experience at that level and we have a strong group of underclassmen as well."

As for the sport of field hockey, Labounty says it could make a comeback, "Littleton is coming back strong after taking two years off to rebuild the JV program. They may even have to do cuts this year. Our numbers are low. It's hard to field two teams that need 11 players. It's one of those sports where you have to love it to play it."

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