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Bellevue Barn aims to make Jefferson a prime destination for special events

The Bellevue Barn at Carlisle Place is springing up in Jefferson, and is expected to be one of the hottest wedding and event venues in the North Country. Building is projected to be completely finished this summer. (Photo by Jonathan Benton) (click for larger version)
April 22, 2015
JEFFERSON — If you've driven through Jefferson recently, you're sure to have noticed the new timber framed structure being built next to the Carlisle Place Day Spa and with over 15 weddings booked thus far, many out of towners have noticed too.

"We get a lot of brides at our day spa, but there really aren't that many wedding venues around," said Carlisle Place Business Manager Tiffany Vitkofsky-Mcintosh. "So we decided to build one."

According to Mcintosh the reception for the new venue has been very positive and she has been getting a lot of questions about it.

The idea for the venue is only a year old with advertising this late November already seeing plenty of customers from southern New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island adding to northern New Hampshire's appeal as a destination wedding location.

Thus was borne the Bellevue Barn from the mind of local business partners Mcintosh and Stacey Hicks. It's a two-story 60 foot by 78 foot shabby chic style venue barn with all the fixings fitting for a built from the ground up operation that can fit up to 250 people. There's been a large surge of late in retrofitted barns being the rustic yet elegant locations for the brides of today, noted Hicks. Doing their research Hicks and Mcintosh are riding the trend and will have a leg up on their competition. The one of a kind location with a beautiful view of the mountains is the free edge. The other advantage is how the Bellevue Barn will get with the times.

"No need to rent mobile powder rooms as the barn will be equipped with beautiful indoor restrooms," said Mcintosh. "The facility will be available for rentals year round and will be heated or cooled appropriately for the season."

Also unlike most barns that don't allow cooking food inside the wooden structure for fear of fire the Bellevue will have a caterer's kitchen that has venting and a sprinkler system.

The building is made from Douglas Fir and will sport a second floor mezzanine that will overlook a 20'x20' dance floor. The two ten-foot-tall carriage doors for the North and South gable ends of the barn were custom made in Montana.

The crown of the indoor ceiling will be a custom made chandelier lighting the interior and hanging from a hand-hewn beam.

Hicks and Mcintosh also expect the barn to inject more life into the local economy especially area inns/hotels, caterers, florists, photographers, etc.

"We want to mention how much we have appreciated all the love and support we have received from the town and our neighbors," said Hicks.

They will also be putting to task Rick Grima Jr. to help them make use of the natural landscape outside the barn. The White Mountains Regional High School horticulture teacher will be a shoe-in for helping with the picturesque sight of evergreens and apple trees. Those arbors will be very important as they both mark out separate wedding ceremony sites.

During weddings, a common problem is knowing what to do with the groomsmen while the girls are getting ready at the spa. Hicks and McIntosh thought of that as well with a "Tack Room" inside the barn where the groomsmen can dress, hangout and relax.

For cocktail hour there will be a roofed 16 foot by 36 foot open-air patio. There will also be the "Watering Hole" a fully workable bar with a rusted tin roof that stands ten feet out and is complete with goose neck lights.

The Bellevue barn will also be available for other various other types of events like family reunions, anniversaries, business gatherings, etc.

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