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Building materials shed for DIY-ers opens at Lancaster Hardware

Darren Discenzo, manager of the family-owned Lancaster Hardware and Home Center, paused from his work on Wednesday to pose for a photo in front of the new lumber racks in the new building materials shed at the 200 Main Street store, designed to serve the needs of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) customers. Photo by Edith Tucker. (click for larger version)
July 09, 2014
LANCASTER — The Lancaster Hardware and Home Center, owned by the Discenzo family, has moved swiftly to fill a niche opened up by the recent shuttering of the Kilkenny Building Center on Middle Street.

Darren Discenzo manages the Lancaster store, and his parents, Whitefield Hardware.

"We've built this shed on the front of our Main Street building to hold ready-to-use dimensional lumber — no more than 10 feet long — and other building materials — sheets of plywood, sheetrock, masonry supplies, cement blocks, concrete mix and metal roofing," the younger Discenzo explained on Wednesday afternoon. "We're going after the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) market, so that our local customers won't have to travel very far to get what they need to do weekend projects and the like."

About two-thirds of the new shed holds lumber racks, and the remaining third other home-project materials.

A set of electrically operated overhead doors make it easy to open up, close, and lock the new facility.

Lancaster Hardware caters successfully to a number of other niche markets, including RV and camper parts since the area is dotted with campgrounds plus tourists who depend on a ready supply of replacement equipment when something goes awry while traveling through the region.

It is also a Radio Shack and carries a variety of workplace clothing.

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