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WMRSD school board sets 2014-2015 administrators' salaries

July 02, 2014
WHITEFIELD — The WMRSD school board set the salaries for 10 District administrators at its June 23 meeting after meeting in executive session. Board members tabled a motion to accept recommended salaries for Central Office directors and administrative assistants to give themselves a chance to study it. The board had received advance copies of the then-proposed raises for administrators but not for Central Office personnel.

Earlier in their regular session, the board voted unanimously to approve an amendment to a policy governing the terms and conditions under which 11 specific administrators are employed. This policy is effective until June 30, 2015. The board agreed that it would review the newly amended policy no later than Oct. 15, and either continue or amend it, taking into consideration a salary schedule to be proposed by the administrators.

In a major change three years ago in 2013, the administrators agreed to give up their 100 percent health insurance coverage in a two-step process: contributing 5 percent the first year and 10 percent, the second year. This year's schedule reflects their agreement to contribute another 5 percent, so that their contribution to their health insurance coverage now totals 15 percent.

Under their contract, teachers contribute 12.5 percent of their health insurance coverage.

Eight of the 10 administrators whose salaries were set last week work 261 days. Full-time Assistant Superintendent Melissa Keenan works 250 days, however, and half-time Pupil Services Director Pat McLean works 131 days.

All administrators received a 4 percent raise in salary.

Administrators who qualify also receive the three incentive stipends that accrue to salary that teachers earn under the one-year contract approved at the March school meeting.

The first is longevity pay: beginning with year 6 to year 11, a $600 lump sum; years 12 to 24, $1,200; and 25 years or more, $1,500.

The second stipend of either $500 or $1,000 is based on professional development track system, both as a facilitator or participant.

The third stipend is based on student achievement, based on state standardized tests. Exactly how this will work in the future is unclear, since testing regimes are in flux.

The net salaries figured on a per diem basis of the 10 administrators, are as follows: Dr. Keenan, $399; McLean, $332; JES Principal Sherri Gregory, $303; LES Principal Todd Lamarque, $335; LES Assistant Principal Michael Whaland, $232; WMRHS Principal Michael Berry, $330; WMRHS Assistant Principal Mike Curtis, $266; WMRHS CTE Director Lisa Perras, $269; WES Principal Michael Cronin, $326; and WES Assistant Principal Sharal Plumley, $234.

SAU #36 Interim Superintendent Dr. Harry Fensom is not on the administrators' list because his contract runs through June 30, 2015. His total salary is $88,200 — $450 per diem — which includes 175 work days, 11 paid holidays and 10 paid vacation days. The District also pays his rent of $650 a month. Fensom is reimbursed each week for a 260-mile round trip, representing his travel from his former home in Nottingham. He now actually now lives further away in Mass., but continues to charge from the spot where he lived when first hired in mid-December 2009.

The newly hired Director of Special Education, Brent Holt, was hired at an annual salary of $67,000. As part of the administrators' policy, Holt will pay 15 percent ($1,324) of his health insurance policy.

The annual salary of Brian Carroll, the newly hired District Athletic Director, was established as $60,000. His position is not, however, covered by the administrators' policy.

In other action the board accepted four resignations, all effective June 30: Elizabeth Quay, LES para-educator; Kyla Joslin, WES grade 5-6 teacher; Keven James, WMRHS business-hospitality teacher; and Rachael Becker, 1:1 LES special educator.

The board also approved hiring Nicole Hapeman as North Country CLASS guidance counselor at a salary of $33,019, Step 0-MA.

LES Principal Lamarque noted in his May-June report to the board that Rose Poekert is retiring after 42 years in education. "Mrs. Poekert has been a fixture in our primary wing for many years and will be missed by all," he wrote. Mrs. Sue MacKillop who as one of LES' cafeteria cooks for the past 25 years is also retiring. Both, Lamarque wrote, were recognized and thanked for their many years of service to children.

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