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Kelley presents vision of Groveton High School

Groveton High School principal Michael Kelley presented the school's new vision at Thursday night's Academia Open House, which also included short band and choral selections plus classroom demonstrations and presentations. Photo by Edith Tucker. (click for larger version)
March 12, 2014
GROVETON — Principal Michael "Mike" Kelley presented the new Groveton High School vision at the beginning of Thursday night's Academia, designed to show parents, other students and townspeople what grade 9 to 12 students in SAU #58 are learning.

The vision statement reads:

"Groveton High School will prepare students to successfully transition from high school to higher education, career-readiness, and the competitive workforce.

"Our community will ensure a safe learning environment and implement an evolving standards-based curriculum.

"We will provide our students with rigorous and engaging learning experiences to ensure all students acquire globally competitive 21st century skills by equipping them with:

• Effective communication in reading, writing, speaking and mathematics

• Critical thinking and the ability to problem solve

• Responsibility and a strong work ethic

• Collaboration and teamwork experiences

• Pride in place and self."

Kelley used a PowerPoint presentation to highlight the thoughtful and collaborative process that he used to fashion the statement including staff, school board members, parents, and students. "We surveyed the entire student body and school board on the qualities/skills/characteristics needed prior to graduation," the principal said.

A committee, led by the principal, was formed to analyze and prioritize the vast amount of data that was collected earlier in the school year: Robert Scott, Lisa Burbach, and Karen Conroy, all of GHS; school board members Saran Holden and Nancy Merrow; community member Michelle Ladd, a grade 3 teacher at the Lancaster School; parents Nicole McMann and Shelly Debois; and students Sean Rainville, Julius Peel, Colton McCormack, and Meredith Nadeau.

"The vision statement will guide all professional practices, decision making, professional development and school improvement to increase student achievement," Kelley explained.

"It is critical," he continued, "that a shared vision statement become a key characteristic of our learning organization that will promote professional knowledge and a culture for continuous school improvement."

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