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Much business covered at Farm Bureau meeting

October 23, 2013
LANCASTER — Delicious locally grown donated foods were featured in the dinner prepared for the Oct. 16 Cos County Farm Bureau by Lee Baker and his volunteer crew in the kitchen of the Assembly of God Church on Route 3 North.

Steve Turaj of Lancaster grew the carrots; Joyce and Chris Brady of Columbia harvested the corn for the chowder; and Heidi and Scott Mason of Stratford raised the buttercup squash. The Hatchland Dairy of North Haverhill donated milk and Cabot Creamery, the butter and several varieties of cheese, and Turaj, decorative sunflowers.

The nearly 40 people on hand were encouraged to bring in new members especially since "grow local" is once again a popular concept.

Only one of the several proposed policy resolutions that will be taken to the state convention was the subject of debate. "The Cos County Farm Bureau (CCFB) believes that Cos County (through its county farm) should not be directly competing with Cos farmers in local markets," was amended and then passed with a majority voting "yes": "CCFB believes that county tax dollars used to produce food commodities (at the county farm) should not be directly competing with Cos County farmers in local markets."

Another resolution passed unanimously, although some members had not seen the TV commercial that can be viewed on the Internet: "CCFB believes that GEICO should remove its commercial depicting Old McDonald as it inaccurately depicts the intelligence of farmers."

Cos County commissioner Rick Samson of Stewartstown, state Senator Jeff Woodburn of Dalton, and Rep. Wayne Moynihan of Dummer were all on hand.

Cos County Farm Bureau president Joyce Brady of Columbia explained that she drives to Concord to attend meetings about every two months, and also sets aside time for almost weekly conference calls from the Concord office, designed to keep leaders up-to-date on statewide issues, initiatives, and concerns. Brady said she was not particularly interested in the political side of farming but was doing her best to ensure that Cos' voice is heard. She was re-elected president, and Cindy-Lou Amey of Pittsburg, secretary-treasurer. Scott Forbes of Lancaster was elected an incoming director until 2016. Four Directors will continue to serve: Chris Brady; Scott Mason of Stratford; and Fred Sullivan and Dave Fuller, both of Lancaster

Maureen Duffy reported that two Cos Young Farmers — Zack Mason and Jacob Brady — had attended some events. Leadership development is one of the key elements of the Farm Bureau's Young Farmers program.

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