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"Alongside Night" producer promotes his film

July 02, 2013
LANCASTER—A movie dedicated to promoting liberty and warning about a too powerful government was shown in the area recently as part of a campaign to get picked up by a major distributor.

The movie is "Alongside Night" and was shown at the annual Libertarian "Porc Fest" held at Rogers Campground. Writer and filmmaker J. Neil Schulman was touring the area recently promoting the movie, which is based on a novel he wrote in the 1970s.

"Basically it is about pressing the reset button the American Revolution," Schulman said. "Some have described it as Atlas Shrugged, only entertaining," he said, referring to the famous novel by Ayn Rand.

Schulman said he tried to make the novel and the movie entertaining rather than too didactic.

The movie, which stars well-known actors such as Kevin Sorbo, Jake Busey, Tim Russ and Garrett Wang, takes place in the near distant future, when the United States is experiencing a period of economic collapse and the family of Nobel Prize-winning economist Martin Vreeland is on the run from the government and discovers an underground liberty movement.

Schulman noted that the process for promoting an independent film is much different than for one produced by a major studio. With a major studio production, the funding and the distribution network is lined up before the movie is made. An independent film is generally filmed first then the producers shop around for a distribution company. If it seems as if there is enough interest, the film will be picked up, he said.

Trailers for the film can be seen online by googling "Alongside Night."

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