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Negotiations are underway for Six Gun City purchase

May 22, 2013
JEFFERSON — Six Gun City will not open for the summer over the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

At least one intensely interested purchaser — and possibly a second — is pursuing buying the 50-acre Old West theme park on Route 2, just west of the Route 115 intersection.

"After 57 years, the middle generation of family members has come to the reluctant realization that without a third-generation interested in continuing the family tradition we have an important decision to make," general manager Tom Brady explained on Monday night. Tom, the youngest of the eight children of the late James Brady and 90-plus-year-old Eleanor who founded the park in the mid-50s, also serves as a Cos County commissioner. He said, "Although in many ways we would prefer to be able to sell to North Country people, we realize that it would take someone with very deep pockets to take it to the next level, able to expand the park's workforce and ensure its future."

A potential buyer has been doing due diligence since February.

No purchase and sales agreement has yet been signed, however, but that next step appears close, Brady explained.

Six Gun City is located on a 40-acre tract on the south side of Route 2, plus two 5-acre parking-lot parcels on the north side. Members of the Brady family expect to retain the 50-acre Fort Jefferson Campground, located on the south side of Route 2.

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