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Northern Pass proxy spent $4.125 million for 362-plus acres

October 17, 2012
PITTSBURG — Renewable Properties, Inc., a proxy company for the proposed $1.1 billion Northern Pass Transmission project to bring Hydro-Quebec power to the New England grid, registered a three-tract deed on Friday afternoon at the Coös County Registry of Deeds, the same day that the Groveton mill properties changed hands twice.

Renewable paid $4.125 million to J. Dane Starling and Elaine Starling of Shingle Springs, Cal., for 362-plus acres of land in the town of Pittsburg.

The tax stamp was for $61,875.

When asked how the size of this tax stamp compared to other on proxy purchases, Coös County Register of Deeds Carole Lamirande of Gorham replied, "This is the largest tax stamp related to this project. We have received quite a few conveyances to Renewable Properties, but none this large. Previously, the largest tax stamp relating to the proposed project was based on a selling price of $750,000."

"We have recorded the purchase of the Starling property on Oct. 12," confirmed PSNH-Northeast Utilities media relations NH manager Martin Murray confirmed.

"Our aim is to propose a revised route that is sited in a manner resulting in a low visual impact, and we have made very good progress in obtaining the land or easement agreements that will allow us to propose such a route in that area by the end of the year," Murray explained.

"In those cases where a property owner has chosen not to provide an easement, or to sell property, we have been able to successfully work around them."

Elaine Starling, president of the Starling Media Company in Shingle Springs was unavailable for comment.

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