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2-family house approved at 29 Elm Street

October 10, 2012
WHITEFIELD — The Planning Board voted unanimously at Wednesday night's meeting to approve construction of a two-family rental property with three bedrooms each at 29 Elm Street by David Scalley of DS Contractors NH, Inc. The building's footprint could be as large as 50- by 50-feet in total.

Although these dimensions are larger than he expects to use, Scalley pointed out that the new structure will be smaller then the original Queen Anne-style house and barn that was gutted by fire on June 30, 2010.

Scalley told the Board that he intends to drop the grade of the land and to build a terrace and play area at the rear of the building.

There will not, however, be a 25-foot setback between this property and the Allen's property, according to the draft minutes. The 175-year-old building that Scalley was in the process of converting into an apartment building was within eight feet of the Allen's fence line, and Scalley intends to create a 16- to 18-foot buffer. He also plans to install a new fence after he removes the existing one, and he will have a total of six parking spaces.

The Board asked Scalley to build something that is compatible with the architecture in the area.

Scalley also discussed adding two more two-bedroom units in the walk-out basement area in building #4 of his apartment house development off Foster Drive. He had also described them at a meeting two weeks earlier.

The Board approved these units contingent on approval from the state Department of Environmental Services Wastewater Division as well as Scalley providing a plan that shows the required additional parking.

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