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NBRC grants $200,000 for NCIC's Groveton cell tower

October 03, 2012


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NBRC grants $200,000 for NCIC's Groveton cell tower

By Edith Tucker


GROVETON — The Northern Community Investment Corp. (NCIC) was granted a $200,000 award by the Northern Border Regional Commission (NBRC), matching $150,000, for a total road project cost of $350,000, according to the Commission's Washington-based federal co-chair Sandford "Sandy" Blitz.

This grant completes the needed funding package for the entire tower project.

These funds will be used to construct a road leading to a 195-foot-tall telecommunications cell tower to be located some two miles north of the town's iconic covered bridge on land owned by the Red Dam Conservancy LLC (the Wemyss family of Groveton) on which there is a 20-year lease.

The tower will provide cell coverage and connect with other NCIC Wireless Linc program towers to provide broadband services to a greater number of area residents. The expansion of cell phone and broadband services will both enhance public safety and economic development opportunities in the region.

A&TT has committed itself to placing its equipment on the tower, but there is sufficient space for three vendors and residents have been urged to be in touch with other vendors, such as Verizon and U. S. Cellular.

The NCIC project was eligible for funding because it is located in a distressed county and also meets the NBRC's Telecommunications Infrastructure priority.

The Northumberland board of selectmen voted unanimously, 3 to 0, on Aug. 13 to issue a building permit for the tower's construction.

Gov. John Lynch named the project as the state's highest priority, and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen wrote a letter of support.

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