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Coös takes Voter ID phase-in in stride

September 19, 2012
COOS COUNTY — Carroll town clerk Becki Pederson said that only five voters were unable to produce a photo ID on the Sept. 11th state Primary Day but all were allowed to vote under the rules in effect that day.

Under the state's phase-in of House Bill 1354 — a.k.a. the "Voter ID" law — voters who did not present an approved photo ID were told about the new law and then permitted to vote. Between Nov. 1 and Sept. 1, 2013, any voter who does not present an approved photo will be allowed to vote after executing a "challenged voter affidavit" that will be followed up by the Secretary of State's office.

Five other Carroll voters, however, Pederson said, were outspoken about how ill conceived the new Voter ID law is and how much they were opposed to it.

Slightly less than one-quarter — 142 — of the town's 568 registered voters came to vote in town hall, Pederson said.

Berlin City Clerk Debra Patrick said that the phase-in of the Voter ID law had gone very smoothly at all four polling places, which remained just the same as when the city was divided into four precincts.

Randolph town clerk Anne Kenison said there were no problems at town hall.

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