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September 12, 2012
CONCORD — A 30-minute hearing is scheduled on Monday, Sept. 17, in Merrimack County District Court concerning the sale of the Balsams.

The plaintiff, Andy Martin, brought suit in July against the Tillotson Trust, the state Attorney General Michael Delaney, and other entities, including the CoŲs County Planning Board for the Unincorporated Places.

The Balsams Grand Resort in Dixville was owned by the Tillotson Trust whose trustees sold the Grand Hotel and its extensive forested acres to two Colebrook natives: Dan Dagesse and The Balsams Grand Resort was owned by the Tillotson Corporation under the aegis of Tillotson Trust whose directors agreed to sell the Grand Resort Hotel, the Wilderness Ski Area, and various outbuildings plus 7,700 acres of forests to two Colebrook natives: Dan Dagesse and Dan Hebert, operating under the new Balsams View LLC.

Martin seeks to have the court revoke the A.G.'s approval of this December 2011 sale. He explained in a Monday afternoon telephone press conference that he assumed that the A.G. and other defendants would seek a dismissal of this case.

Martin, who graduated from law school in Illinois and said that he was doing all legal work on this case without fee, expects to file a consolidated response to the defendants' arguments in favor of dismissal.

Martin explained that he had heard rumors that the hotel is now for sale once again. He charged that by allowing locals without any experience in the hospitality industry to buy the property for what he purported to be $1.7 million, both the A.G. and Gov. John Lynch had been part of a sale process that was both "collusive and conspiratorial." Earlier reports, however, say that Dagesse and Hebert bought the iconic hotel for $2.3 million in mid-December from the Massachusetts-based Tillotson Corporation, about a year after it was first put up for sale.

Those most hurt have been local workers who are no longer on the hotel's payroll and area residents and businesses that the late Neil Tillotson, a longtime resort owner, had intended to benefit under the terms of his will and his trust.

Martin asserted that the A.G. had never asked Dagesse and Hebert if they had secured the financing to run the high-end luxury hotel and renovate it to bring it up to today's standards. "They had no business plan," he said, adding that the A. G. should have ascertained that before approving the sale.

The sale was "bungled," Martin said, stating that he would seek to have all assets frozen so that the new owners would not be able to benefit from "flipping" it and pocketing an undeserved profit. By now the new owners have a zero investment in the property having sold a conservation easement to the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests to block a potential route for the Northern Pass Transmission project and most furnishing at a May auction. Both specialty kitchen and wood-chip Spokesman Scott Tranchemontagne of Montagne Communications explained that Dagesse and Hebert have no desire to try the case in the press when it is already heading to a court of law.

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