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David Tellman elected president of Weeks State Park Association

September 05, 2012
LANCASTER — David Tellman of Bethlehem was elected president of the Weeks State Park Association at Thursday evening's annual meeting after serving as vice president for a dozen years.

Lynne Holland of Jefferson stepped down after serving in the top slot for five years but was elected vice president. Sam Chase of Whitefield was reelected treasurer, Joe Beliveau of Jefferson, assistant treasurer, and Sally Pratt of Lancaster, secretary.

Three board members were re-elected to three-year terms on the 18-member include Rob Bast of Hinesburg, Vt., representing the Weeks family, Nancy Spaulding of Stark, and retired county forester Sam Stoddard of Lancaster. Vince Lunetta of Bethlehem decided to step down after finishing his three-year term. Three board members were elected to three-year terms include Carol Bennett-Fonetu of Franconia, county forester Brendan Prusik of Columbia, and Alan Rossetto of Groveton.

In her final president's report, Holland thanked the WSPA's 200 individual and family members for their support to provide 10 free Thursday evening programs, field trips, and many other "extras."

"Our business supporters, a major source of funding, grew to 25 this season," reported Holland, adding that the bulk of these donors represent Lancaster firms.

"State budget cutbacks continue to affect us. After Labor Day weekend, we will only be open on Saturday and Sunday through Columbus Day weekend: Specific dates are Sept. 3, 8-9, 15-16, 22-23, 29-30 and Oct. 6-7, 13-14-15."

Chairperson Sam Stoddard and Events Committee members,

Dave Govatski of Jefferson and directors Pratt, Nancy Spaulding, and Tellman coordinated plans to produce a full season of terrific evening programs, events, and field trips for the public to enjoy.

Holland also acknowledged the contributions of Park Manager Rachel Bruce of Lisbon as well as seasonal workers Serena Bruce and John Dotski who return this year for another summer, plus new employee Derek Roberts, who assisted with tours and other work in the park.

Maurice Loiselle of Lancaster took on the job of membership Chairperson, which he has handled well, she said.

The WSPA Centennial Committee with Co-chairs Lunetta and Govatski, wrapped up their work of our centennial year celebration of the Weeks Act of 1911, Holland said. The Weeks Act Centennial website: http://weekslegacy.org was developed to provide information and resources and Holland urged everyone to check it out.

Holland thanked Iris Baird of Lancaster for volunteering to serve as the editor of the WSPA's newsletter, "In Prospect."

Under "unfinished business" on the agenda of annual meeting, Baird explained that she continues to be concerned about the condition of the Lodge's stucco walls and other exterior features, all of which were scheduled to be repaired and restored this summer by the Bureau of Historic Sites of the state Division of Parks and Recreation under the aegis of Director Benjamin Wilson.

"It wasn't for lack of trying on president Lynne Holland's part," stated Association president Tellman. Work is scheduled for completion in summer 2013 — the Weeks Lodge centennial.

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