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Mt. View Grand breaks own July, August records

August 08, 2012
WHITEFIELD — "We experienced a record July, better than last year's record-breaking July, and our booking pace for August is also a record-breaker," said Mountain View Grand general manager Chris Diego. "We set a record for the first three months — the first quarter of 2012 — despite very little snow.

"The second quarter was rough sledding, however," he said. "This summer has been marked by last-minute bookings and far cooler temperatures than America's heartland; we've been very fortunate!" Diego explaining, adding that a number of weddings had helped ensure robust guest bookings.

"Our advance bookings for 2013 weddings indicate that next year will be even better than this year," he said.

Asked to what he attributed this upsurge, Diego credited his employees who he described as "good people."

Surprisingly, one attention-getter has been two employees — Dave and Sherry Kilson of Whitefield — who participate in lumberjack competitions in N. H., Maine, and Vermont.

"They put on an axe-throwing demonstration every day at 10 a.m. across from the hotel," Diego said.

The Grand Hotel also attracts many children, the general manager pointed out. Their ongoing partnership with Santa's Village in Jefferson is a great success.

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