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Joyce Endee

Motions are filed to dismiss Martin's lawsuit on Balsams' sale

August 08, 2012
DIXVILLE — Both state Attorney General Michael Delaney and attorney Christopher Cole of the Sheehan, Phinney law firm who represents co-owners Dan Dagesse and Dan Hebert of the Balsams View LLC responded to the lawsuit that Andy Martin, a self-described presidential candidate and Granite State corruption fighter, filed on July 5 "to undo the sale of New Hampshire's historic grand hotel and the subsequent auction.

Attorney Phil Waystack of Colebrook, who represents the CoŲs County Planning Board (CCPB) for the Unincorporated Places that is named in the suit, received copies of their responses, he explained in an e-mail exchange.

"Cole also filed a motion to dismiss (because of) Martin's lack of standing," Waystack said.

"I also filed a motion to dismiss because, other than naming the CoŲs County Planning Board as a defendant, there are no allegations in the lawsuit that CCPB did anything," Waystack said. "I would expect that Martin will have 10 days to respond to the motions to dismiss and then, hopefully, they will be marked up for a hearing soon, and perhaps the judge will quickly dismiss the lawsuit."

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