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Ossipee tax rate set at $18.33; bills due Dec. 28

November 24, 2021
OSSIPEE — According to the Department of Revenue Administration, Ossipee's final tax rate for 2021 is $18.33 per one thousand dollars in valuation (a $1.28 per thousand dollars in valuation increase over last year). The first tax bill this year was an estimated bill, based on half of the previous year's tax unless there has been a change in the value. The second tax bill is mailed out after the Department of Revenue has set the town's tax rate.

The 2021 bill is comprised of the municipal share of $5.87 (down 11 cents), the county share of $1.22 (up three cents), the local education bill of $9.35 (up $1.44), and the state education bill of $1.89 (down 8 cents), to meet the local property tax commitment $15,796,984.

School Board Chairman Jack Widmer, when reached for comment, explained the increase in the local school portion is due in large part to a close to $800,000 increase in required contributions to the retirement system. The legislature began the process of gradually passing retirement costs down to localities several years ago.

Bills, due Dec. 28, may be paid online via the Tax Kiosk, or can be paid in person, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., at 55 Main St., Center Ossipee, or through the mail at PO Box 67, Ctr. Ossipee, NH 03814. The tax collector asks that you please bring in your tax bill or put your map/lot number on your check. Checks are to made payable to the Town of Ossipee.

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