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Fall sports season wraps up at Kennett High School

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by Joshua Spaulding
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MAJOR AWARD WINNERS at the Kennett fall sports awards included (front row, l to r), Remi Snowdon (field hockey), Cassidy Kreiger (golf) and Amy Burton (cross country). Back row (l to r), Sean Morgan (mountain biking), Jozelyn Henry (volleyball), Tristen Smith (cross country), Jack Cryans (soccer) and Camden Bailey (football). Missing from the photo are Taylor Gaudette (field hockey) and Sam Habert-Jaques (soccer). (Photo by Joshua Spaulding) (click for larger version)
November 24, 2021
NORTH CONWAY — On Monday, Nov. 15, the fall sports season at Kennett High School officially came to a close as Athletic Director Neal Weaver welcomed coaches, award winners and their families to the Loynd Auditorium for the sports awards ceremony.

First up to the podium to present his team's award was cross country coach Bernie Livingston, who was the first of many coaches to offer his thanks to trainer Colby Locke, who he said his team helped to accumulate thousands of hours of overtime.

"Without him, I don't know that we could've fielded a team," Livingston said.

The Cross Country Award is presented to a student who on the field and in the classroom best represents loyalty to Kennett High School, citizenship and sportsmanship, as a follower and a leader. He presented the award for the boys' team to Tristen Smith and for the girls' team to Amy Burton, who was honored for the second year in a row.

Field hockey coach Cassie Daley was up next to present a pair of awards. The John Marsden Award is given to a senior who displayed a positive attitude, is coachable and is a committed member of the team. She presented the award to Taylor Gaudette.

The second field hockey award is the Deryl Fleming Award, given to a player who is committed, dedicated and has a love for the game. She presented the award to Remi Snowdon.

Football coach Vaughn Beckwith came to the podium next to present the Sam Fuller Award, which he noted is the oldest sports award presented at Kennett. He also thanked Locke for his dedication to the team and noted that Fuller, who was killed in the Battle of the Bulge, showed a lot of characteristics that the winner this year also showed. In presenting the award to Camden Bailey, Beckwith noted he is a great teammate, coachable and always has the team's best interest at heart.

Eddie Bradley was up next to present the Golf Award. He noted that he was also appreciative of Locke's work, even though traditionally the golf team doesn't require a lot of the trainer. This year was the first time he'd dealt with injuries and Locke helped the team get through the season. He noted the award winner showed good sportsmanship, leadership and commitment to the game of golf and the team. He presented the award to Cassidy Kreiger.

Mountain bike coach Chris Darling was next, presenting the Golden Spoke Award. He noted that the winner showed consistency and leadership within the team, supported his teammates by working with the younger riders and helped manage practices in addition to his four years of dedication to the team. He then presented the award to Sean Morgan.

Next up to the podium was boys' soccer coach Cam Clark for the Boys' Soccer Award. He noted that the award is given to someone who showed great leadership and an overall love for the sport. He noted that the winner's spirit showed throughout the team and he couldn't think of a better person to get this award, presenting the award to Jack Cryans.

Ron Kreiger was next up to present the Suzy Engler Award for the girls' soccer team. The award is named after parent Suzy Engler, who he called the He also offered his thanks to Locke for his work, calling his team the "walking wounded." The Eagle coach noted that the winners showed a true love of the game, enthusiasm, sportsmanship on and off the field and accountability for her actions on and off the field. He also noted her selflessness, as she switched positions in her final years at Kennett. He presented the award to goaltender Sam Habert-Jaques.

The final award of the evening was the Eagle Flying High Award, presented by volleyball coach Craig Bartholomei. He noted that the winner worked hard to better herself, brought a good attitude and always put the needs of the team first. She also made other players better by being better and is what he was looking for in a captain. He presented the award to Jozelyn Henry.

Weaver then wrapped up the evening by thanking all the coaches for the time they put in, then thanked Locke for all his work and the parents and athletes for making the season a success.

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