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Kelleher celebrates release of new song

Kingswood graduate's "Thing of the Past" out Friday

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by Joshua Spaulding
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September 16, 2021
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — When the pandemic struck, live music went out the window for a while, sidelining artists around the country.

Amongst those that were unable to go out and perform like usual was Kingswood graduate Stacey Kelleher, who now lives in Nashville and performs around the city on a regular basis.

"During quarantine, I was writing on Zoom to stay sane and keep the creativity flowing because I couldn't play out anymore," Kelleher said.

As it happens, the Zoom sessions proved to be fruitful for the former Ossipee resident, as she estimates she was able to write more than 30 songs during the quarantine, of which six or seven have been produced and are ready to release.

One of those songs, "Thing of the Past," is set to be released this coming Friday, Sept. 17, and will be available on all music platforms. Kelleher co-wrote the song with friend John Conlin, a fellow Berklee College of Music graduate.

"We actually had no ideas for songs the day we wrote it," Kelleher said. "We almost ended up not writing, we kept trying things and nothing was working.

"So we said, 'let's just make something up, create a storyline and go from there,'" Kelleher continued.

With that in mind, they created a couple that is perfect for each other, but the timing is ill-fated and they can't seem to find the right time and "Thing of the Past" was born.

"I'm really excited for everybody to hear it," Kelleher said.

The song was recorded at the beginning of the year at a studio run by her friend Alex Fansel and he mixed and mastered the recordings. The two created the instrumentals and the sounds and then added in the vocals right there at Red Shed Sound.

"It was really great getting to create so many songs," Kelleher said. "If I hadn't been forced to not play shows, many of these songs wouldn't have been written.

"It's a silver lining," she added.

Lindsey Patkos took the cover photo for the song release, with assistance from Kayleigh Farris while Olivia Fan Davis handled the graphic design.

Anyone interested in downloading the music can check out iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon or any music source.

Sports Editor Joshua Spaulding can be reached at 279-4516, ext. 155 or josh@salmonpress.news.

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