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Eagles honored at trimmed down fall sports award ceremony

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by Joshua Spaulding
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THE MAJOR AWARD winners at Kennett pose for a photo. Back row (l to r), Logan Violette (cross country), Riley Hayes (soccer), Parker Coleman (football), Colby Hall (golf), Parker Mustapha (mountain biking) and Kevin Fay (mountain biking). Front row (l to r), Amy Burton (cross country), Ella Chandler (field hockey), Lia Anzaldi (soccer), Maddie Stewart (field hockey) and Shauna Hacking (volleyball). (Photo by Joshua Spaulding) (click for larger version)
November 19, 2020
NORTH CONWAY — In a season where everything has been unusual, it was only fitting that the Kennett fall sports awards ceremony last Tuesday night was a bit different than normal.

In order to keep social distancing guidelines, only the major award winners and members of their family were invited to the ceremony, which took place in the Loynd Auditorium. Coaches presented the players with the awards and they posed for quick photos before returning to their assigned seats.

"It's a small affair, but we still wanted to do something to recognize our award winners," said Athletics Director Neal Weaver. "We have a lot to be proud of this year, the accomplishments of all our sports teams and all we as a group have put into making this season actually happen."

A common theme of the night was the coaches, as they came to the podium, thanking Weaver and Athletic Trainer Colby Locke, who began working on a plan to have sports at Kennett back in the middle of the summer.

"Special thanks to Neal and Colby for all they did all preseason, all summer and in season to make this a safe and successful season," said cross country coach Bernie Livingston, the first coach to the podium. "They did a tremendous amount of work.

The Cross Country Award is given to a player who shows loyalty to Kennett, citizenship and sportsmanship as both a follower and a leader. Livingston presented the award to Logan Violette for the boys' team and Amy Burton for the girls' team.

Cassie Daley, coach of the Division II state champion field hockey team, was up next to present a pair of awards.

The John Marsden Award is given to someone who shows sportsmanship, a positive attitude, is coachable and works hard. Daley noted this year's winner overcame a gruesome injury the previous year and bounced back strong this season, presenting the award to Maddie Stewart.

The Deryl Fleming Award is presented to someone who shows true commitment, dedication and a love of the game and Daley noted the winner showed an incredible work ethic throughout her career. She presented the award to Ella Chandler.

Football coach Vaughn Beckwith was up next to present the Sam Fuller Award, also thanking Weaver, Locke and the administration for the faith they showed in the team, allowing them a chance to play the season. Beckwith noted Fuller was an outstanding athlete who would do anything for his team, something that the Eagle coach values in his football program. He noted that the award winner took it on himself to build a weight room on his family's property and got kids to work out and train in the offseason. He presented the Sam Fuller Award to quarterback Parker Coleman.

Golf coach Eddie Bradley echoed the statements of previous coaches in thanking Locke and Weaver and also thanked all of the parents and fans who were able to make it through.

"It was a tough year," the Eagle coach said. He noted that the Golf Award is given to a player who shows a love of golf, leadership, integrity and sportsmanship and he presented the award to senior Colby Hall.

First-year mountain biking coach Ricky Gaudreau was up next to present the Golden Spoke Award. He noted that the winners had a high degree of respect and teamwork and a willingness to help others on the team. He praised award winners Parker Mustapha for working to get the team new jerseys and Kevin Fay for helping to establish a mountain biking club in the spring months as well.

Cam Clark was the next first-year coach to the podium, presenting the Boys' Soccer Award. He offered up his thanks to his fellow coaches for helping him along in his first season as a head coach. The award goes to a person who shows dedication, commitment, leadership and a love for the sport. Clark noted that award winner Riley Hayes was his direct line to the team in his first year as head coach.

Another first-year head coach, Ron Krieger, was up for the Suzy Engler Award for the girls' soccer team. He noted that Weaver and Locke were proactive in what they did to make the season happen and joined the chorus of coaches offering their thanks. The award is given to someone who shows dedication, teamwork, hard work and inspiration. Krieger noted that in his first sessions with the team, he could see she was a leader and presented the award to Lia Anzaldi.

The final award of the night was the Eagle Flying High Award, presented by volleyball coach Craig Bartholomei. He noted that the award winner showed improvement in skill throughout the season, a positive spirit and a good attitude and was a good teammate.

"I knew I could count on her to go get a ball," the Eagle coach noted, presenting the award to Shauna Hacking.

Sports Editor Joshua Spaulding can be reached at 279-4516, ext. 155 or josh@salmonpress.news.

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