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Mountain View Community gets the all clear

July 09, 2020
OSSIPEE — "It's all good news," says Mountainview Community Nursing Home Administrator Howie Chandler following a report from the state lab that the facility is Covid-19 free. Two residents tested positive for the infection a little more than a week ago, but results collected from the National Guard and sent to the state lab came back negative.

Chandler says he was not aware of such a thing as a false positive, and said he "raised questions from day one" about the first results, because the two residents had no symptoms.

"People said it was impossible, and virtually unheard of, but we kept pushing, and proved to be correct. Since then, we found out also that it has happened elsewhere in the state," he added.

"You want to have absolute confidence in your lab," he continued, but in this situation, of the 13 samples sent to Mako lab (a lab contracted for testing by the state), two of the thirteen were wrong. That's a 15 percent error rate. According to Chandler, that "put everyone through a lot of turmoil, the residents, the staff, and their families."

Everyone submitted to testing beyond the usual protocol and the outdoor visitations, begun just a week and half before, came to a halt as everyone anxiously awaited the latest results.

"I give the staff high marks," said Chandler, adding that they responded with "dignity and class. It was a great team effort. I'm equally relieved for the sake of residents and their families."

He hopes to be able to restore visitation next week and allow small groups of residents to congregate.

Martin Lord Osman
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