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Two Covid-19 cases confirmed at Mountainview

July 03, 2020
OSSIPEE — Regular testing for Covid-19 at Mountain View Community (MVC), the county's nursing home facility located in Ossipee, has turned up two positive results.

On Monday, the New Hampshire National Guard tested all patients, and staff as well at the request of Mountain View, and sent the tests to the state lab. Administrator Howie Chandler says he has asked the state to expedite the process in order to receive the results as early as possible and respond accordingly.

According to Chandler, the two cases are asymptomatic and are expected to resolve in 14 days. The results of last Friday's usual weekly tests of personnel came back completely negative.

"One hundred percent of the staff is Covid-19 free," he is pleased to report.

At the same time, he notes that the National Guard test is more sensitive, and the results will be processed in the state lab, which he thinks may be more reliable than the lab MVC uses.

Speaking by phone on Tuesday, Chandler said that no residents are symptomatic. He explained that three times a day residents' vital signs and oxygen saturations are measured; "Any slight change puts them on the test list."

The community just opened up two weeks ago to outside visitation under an awning. Visitors are screened and the visits are supervised by staff to assure physical distance is maintained and masks are worn.

"We are not suspicious of that at all in terms of contact tracing," said Chandler.

He awaits the test results and the outcome of the state's contact tracing investigation to assess further action.

According to the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services statistics, updated almost daily on line, Carroll County has had 54 cumulative positive cases of the state wide total of 5,760 as of June 29.

The total current number of cases state wide is listed as 958. Carroll County's current number of cases is listed as 9. The numbers do not appear to yet reflect the two newly reported cases.

Wolfeboro has an accumulated total of seven cases. Ossipee has an accumulated total of six. Neighboring towns such as Tuftonboro have been affected as well, but the online numbers are suppressed for towns with fewer than four current cases.

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