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US Rep. and presidential candidate Eric Swalwell visited Carroll County on Memorial Day. The Carroll County Democrats hosted an event at Hobb's Tavern. (Photo by Elissa Paquette) (click for larger version)
May 30, 2019
OSSIPEE — Presidential candidate and U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell made a swing through Carroll County, stopping at Hobb's Tavern in West Ossipee on Memorial Day. Knute Ogren, leader of the Carroll County Democrats, introduced Swalwell, a member of House Judiciary Committee, to the audience.

Swalwell brought along his wife and two children for the trip and spoke to issues of concern to young families: health care; income inequality; college debt; and the threat of gun violence. He said he supports Medicare as a public option to provide access to affordable coverage and protection to those with preexisting conditions. It shouldn't be, said Swalwell, that "if you are sick and need to be seen, and are seen, that you're not going to go broke."

"We're the wealthiest most generous country in the world...we should invest public funds, cure the incurable," said Swalwell, who described himself as part of a generation losing faith. "We need to bo big, be bold, and do good!"

He also would like to see the federal government support education, and ban and buy back assault weapons. As the son of a police chief, and a family of "cops" he said he grew up with guns, and like to shoot, but he keeps the Sandy Hook Elementary School and the more recent, Parkland shooting sprees ever in his mind.

"I can't thank you enough for supporting a ban on assault weapons," said a veteran in the audience, who continued, "I've seen what they can do. People don't know what [assault weapons] do to a body."

As for tax reform, Swalwell said it is not right that CEOs pay a lower tax rate than their lowest paid employees, and he cited the inheritance tax structure could be changed. Presently, an individual can leave $5.6 million to heirs and pay no federal estate or gift tax.

Referencing his position on the House Judiciary Committee, which is seeking President Trump's tax returns, among other requests for information, Swalwell said that no one is above the law, a lesson he learned from this father, a police chief, who refused to fix the parking tickets for city council members, a stance that cost him his job.

He said his father had no idea of how that was affecting his young son, but his father's belief that no one is above the law coincides with Swalwell's view that Treasury Secretary Steve Menuchin's withholding of Trump's tax records and Attorney General William Barr's withholding of Robert Mueller's unredacted report from Congressional oversight are impeachable offenses.

Swalwell said he grew up in a Republican household, and joked that he appears frequently on Fox News so his parents can see him on TV.

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