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Cryans upsets Kenney in Executive Council race

by Tara Giles
Sports reporter - Coos County Democrat and Berlin Reporter
November 20, 2018
REGION — In his fifth run for the seat, Hanover Democrat Mike Cryans secured a spot last week as one of the five Executive Councilors in the state. Cryans will represent District 1, which includes 109 towns and four cities. The district spans two thirds of the entire state.

"This is proof that persistence really does pay off," said Cryans after his win.

For the first time since 2014, the council will have a Democratic majority.

The job of the executive council is to review appointments made by the governor to include all of the judges throughout the state. The council advises the governor on all matters and provides a check on the governor's power. While the governor has the right to veto legislation and commands the New Hampshire National Guard, the council has veto power over pardons, nominations and contracts that exceed the amount of $10,000.

Cryans said, "I'm pleased regarding the win and am looking forward to the opportunity to serve for the next two years. There are a lot of wonderful things that can be done to help the people in district 1. This is an awesome responsibility and a tremendous opportunity."

Cryans went on to say, "District 1 is unique because of its size and distance from Concord. There needs to be a strong constituent service. I need to be available to individuals as well as to the towns, select boards and other counsels that are asking for help. Sometimes there are issues that take up an entire area, such as Northern Pass, which is something that affects the entire district."

On moving forward Cryans said, "I think once you're elected you represent everyone. It's not a Democrat versus Republican issue. Sometimes things tow the party lines a bit but there are things that affect everyone such as the opioid issue. That is a concern for all of us."

Cryans said that there should always be more wedding announcements and birth announcements in the paper over obituaries. To him, that shows that young people are willing to stay in the area. His goal is to work on ways to keep young people eager to stay in District 1.

Cryans first ran for Executive Councilor against Ray Burton in 1996. He will assume his new role in January.

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