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Democratic reps win majority in Carroll County

November 14, 2018
REGION — Overall election results in Carroll County mostly reflected statewide results last Tuesday, Nov. 6, as Democratic candidates won majorities in the House, Senate and Executive Council.

However there was a decided split in the voting, with Democratic rep candidates winning all seats in Carroll County Districts 1-3 and 7 (Bartlett, Eaton, Conway, Tamworth, and Freedom) and Republican incumbents retaining their seats in Districts 4, 5 and 8 (Brookfield, Effingham, Ossipee, Moultonborough, Sandwich, Tuftonboro and Wakefield.

In District 1 (Bartlett and Jackson), Democrat Anita Burroughs defeated longtime Republican and former Speaker of the House Gene Chandler, 1,281-1,074.

In District 2 (Conway, Chatham and Eaton), Democrat Tom Buco was the top vote-getter at 2,323 votes followed by fellow Democrats Harrison Kanzler (2,304) and Stephen Woodcock (2,187). Incumbent Republicans followed: Karen Umberger (1,809) and Frank McCarthy (1,696) with newcomer William Cuccio bringing up the rear with 1,400 votes.

In District 3 (Freedom, Madison, Tamworth), incumbent Democrat Jerry Knirk was first with 1,911 votes. Fellow Democrat Susan Ticehurst won the second seat with 1,861 votes, beating longtime incumbent Republican Mark McConkey total of 1,677.

Republican incumbents in Districts 4 and 5 all won. In District 4 (Sandwich, Moultonborough, Tuftonboro) Glenn Cordelli (2,504) and Karel Crawford (2,479) overcame Democrat challengers Caroline Nesbitt (2,004) and John Morrissey (1,938).

In District 5 (Brookfield, Effingham and Wakefield) Republican incumbents Bill Nelson (2,424), Lino Avellani (2,422) and Ed Comeau (2,407) comfortably defeated Democratic challengers Theresa Swanick (1,651), Pat Pustell (1,530) and Knute Ogren (1,511).

In District 6 (Wolfeboro) Democrat Edith DesMarais won reelection and Republican John MacDonald took over the seat left vacant by fellow Republican Steve Schmidt. Vote totals were: MacDonald, 1,859; DesMarais, 1,738; Matthew Plache, 1,647; and David Owen, 1,554.

In District 7, the northern floterial district, Democrat Ed Butler won re-election over Republican challenger Joe Mosca, 6,316-3,990.

In District 8, the southern floterial district, Republican Bill Marsh was re-elected, defeating Democrat Dick Stuart, 5,639-3,717.

Come January Democrat will control the Carroll County Delegation, which oversees Carroll County government, 8-7. Currently Republicans control the Delegation, 11-4.

State Senate

Wolfeboro Republican Jeb Bradley won re-election in Senate District 3, beating Democrat Chris Meier 14,858 votes to 10,901.

Executive Council 1

The biggest surprise in the election was the defeat of Wakefield's Joe Kenney in his bid for re-election to the Executive Council. While Kenney won in all local towns, he lost to Hanover's Mike Cryans. The total vote was Kenney 53,972 vs. Cryans 58,089.

Kenney won easily in most area towns: Alton, 1,758-831; Brookfield, 235-127; Effingham, 335-250; Freedom, 402-366; Moultonborough, 1,603-911; New Durham, 762-485; Ossipee, 1,004-547; Tamworth, 634-610; Tuftonboro, 813-538; Wakefield, 1,331-539 and Wolfeboro, 1,962-1,544.

County offices

Most county officers ran unopposed, so Domenic Richardi (22,446 votes) will remain County Sheriff, Michaela O'Rourke-Andruzzi (13,251) will continue as County Attorney), Lisa Scott (22,192) will remain Register of Deeds, and Joe Costello (15,001) will continue as County Treasurer. Meg Lavendar ran unopposed as Register of Probate and won 14,845 votes.

In the sole county contest Republican Terry McCarthy was elected County Commissioner, defeating Democrat challenger Bert Weiss, 12,106-10,783. Incumbent Republican Commissioner Dave Babson ran unopposed and was re-elected with 15,203 votes.

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