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KRMS students screen award winning video for Governor Wentworth board

Kingswood Regional Middle School's "What's so great about manufacturing?" video entry earned fourth place in the state and brought home a $1,000 prize from Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water of Moultonboro. (L-R) Teacher Rebecca Bureau and students Juliet Bonnevie, Bella Kemper, Jackson Boudman, Caleb Brennion and Lou Arinello made a presentation of their project to the Governor Wentworth Regional School Board on May 7 in the Media Center. (Photo by Elissa Paquette) (click for larger version)
May 23, 2018
WOLFEBORO — The Kingswood Regional Middle School's (KRMS) "What's so great about manufacturing?" video entry earned fourth place in the statewide competition and brought home a $1,000 prize for their school from Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water of Moultonborough. On Monday evening, May 7, the team offered the attentive Governor Wentworth Regional School Board a presentation and showing of their video.

The program encourages students to become acquainted with manufacturers throughout the state. In Kingswood's case, they were fortunate to be welcomed by the Crystal Geyser bottling company located close by at Castle in the Clouds.

Teacher Rebecca Bureau introduced Juliet Bonnevie, Bella Kemper, Jackson Boudman, Caleb Brennion and Lou Arinello to the board to share their experience working together from the research phase, to formulation of interview questions, filming at the plant and editing the final product.

The board also heard from the school's Principal Aaron Gauthier on the progress of the New England League of Middle School (NELMS) survey and five member visiting team examination process.

The NELMS Web site lists seven areas of examination using the overarching indicator to ensure success for every student: relevant, standards-based curriculum, instructional strategies appropriate for young adolescents, opportunities for middle level professionals, organization of students and teachers, building governance, school climate and parent and community involvement.

Gauthier thanked the steering committee members who guided the process and said at this point, the school is "eagerly awaiting the results." The data will allow analysis of trends and overarching themes and a narrative will be provided with the final results.

Steve Guyer, head of the continuing education program and Lakeside Academy Administrator, introduced Crystal Sawyer, Director of Adult Education, who he said has enabled the success of the adult students who attend school in the Pine Hill Rd. location in Wolfeboro and in Conway. The programs underscore the district's commitment to offer educational opportunity to all ages. Guyer said that has included helping a 71 year old man fulfill his dream to earn a high school diploma.

Guyer said the alternative education component has lowered the drop out rate to close to zero. Board member Ernie Brown said he could recall a time when the drop out rate was 10 to 12 percent, and commended Guyer and Sawyer for their success.

The board moved a Career Technical Educational Survey forward, funded with a grant through the Department of Education, that takes a look at programs that are doing well and the factors involved. Superintendent Kathy Cuddy-Egbert said that GWRSD's technical education programs have better statistics for non traditional students - females enrolled in the Precision Manufacturing program as one example.

Cuddy-Egbert reported that she received information from Backgroundchecks.org that the GWRSD is ranked number 16 out of 106 NH schools, based on student performace, drop out rates, school funding and poverty. The top 5 included Bedford, Lebanon, Bow, Oyster River and Brookline. And in their national study, New Hampshire performed in the top group, with rankings of innate reading skills-1, math skills-2 and college readiness -3.

The next school board meeting is set for June 4 in the Lakes Region Technology Center at 7 p.m. following the retirement reception, at 4 p.m.

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