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Unused nursing home equipment up for grabs

County commissioners want to clear space in old nursing home building

July 03, 2014
OSSIPEE — Anyone need old nursing home equipment?

In order to clear out an old wing of the county nursing home and get rid of unused equipment, the County Commission authorized the facilities manager to sell off as much as possible during an open yard sale on Carroll County Farm Day on July 26.

Commissioners David Sorensen, David Babson, and Asha Kenney met with Howard Chandler, Mountain View Community Administrator and Bob Murray, MVC Facilities Manager, at its June 25 meeting where among other topics, they discussed clutter and what to do with the home's old equipment.

Sorensen had recently taken a tour of the old nursing home, where a wing currently being used for storage is scheduled at some point for demolition.

During the tour Sorensen saw beds, wheelchairs, headboards, old computers and old tubs.

"It's easy to say we ought to keep a wing, but we've already agreed we have to take down two wings. I think there is a lot of stuff we can get rid of… we need to get it out of there," Sorensen said.

"Why don't we think about having an auction?" Babson said. "I've said all along its crazy to tear something down you have to rebuild in 10 years. There's no storage in the new building, and we need to store equipment, whether the delegation likes it or not."

Murray said the new home does have storage closets that are utilized, but that the home lacks long-term storage space for equipment.

Kenney agreed they should get rid of unused items.

Murray said the county home had a yard sale once, and that what's left over in storage is what people didn't want. Babson said the county should advertise the yard sale in the local paper, and that he'd be happy putting stuff out on the yard with a "free" sign. "Why should we pay someone to take it away," he added.

Murray said he'd be able to sort through the items and fill up the front lobby with stuff for viewing at the July 26 Farm Day.

In other business, Carroll County Sheriff Dominic Richardi brought three bids to the commissioner's attention covering the cost for an information HUB, for which the county has received a grant. A local company, Computer Port in Conway, was selected as the winning bid coming in at $6,250. Two other companies came in close, Government Connection matched the bid at $6,250, and Dell Direct at $6,334. The commission voted unanimously on the motion to accept the Computer Port bid, favoring a local provider.

The commission earlier approved five bids from three service providers at the Mountain View Community: Tri State Fire Protection, $4,994, Knight Security, $3,278, and an additional $688 for the annex; and JP Pest Service at $4,260 per year with an additional $1,020 to cover the annex.

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