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Has anyone seen Sadie, the Australian Shepherd?

A WAKEFIELD FAMILY is searching for their puppy, Sadie, a female Australian Shepherd who weighs 25 pounds. Sadie was picked up by a motorist driving a maroon vehicle on Pickpocket Road on Sunday afternoon, June 22. The motorist may have mistaken the puppy as lost or homeless. Anyone with information is urged to call Wakefield Police at 522-3232. (Courtesy photo) (click for larger version)
June 26, 2014
WAKEFIELD — A local family is wrought with worry after a motorist who may have mistaken the dog as lost or homeless picked up their eight-month-old Australian Shepherd puppy, Sadie, on Sunday and drove away.

According to the family and Wakefield Police Department's Animal Control Officer Fred Guldbrandsen, Sadie was picked up by a passerby driving a maroon vehicle, possibly an SUV, outside a neighbor's home at 397 Pickpocket Road on Sunday, June 22, between 4:40 and 5:15 p.m. Sadie is eight months old, weights 25 pounds, and has mostly black fur with some brown and white areas. Her owner's family purchased the pure-breed dog for the couple's three young children at Christmastime after their older dog, a chocolate Lab, has passed away in November.

The dog's owner, Brennan Peaslee, said Sadie, who is not spayed, often wanders between her home at 361 Pickpocket Road and the neighbors' home at 397 Pickpocket Road. The residents of that home only visit on weekends, so when a passing motorists picked up Sadie and asked the resident's son if the dog belonged to him, he said no, he didn't know anyone with a border collie, mistaking the dog's breed, according to Peaslee. Peaslee said the neighbor did not know the family had gotten a new dog. The same afternoon, when she didn't see Sadie nearby, Peaslee spoke briefly with the neighbor's son who told her about the incident and then she unsuccessfully attempted to find the car that had driven off with the dog.

When the dog failed to be returned on Monday, concern grew.

Sadie is wearing a pink collar, but her ID Tag number Wakefield 0925 had fallen off. She is not micro-chipped.

The Peaslee's three children, aged seven, six and three, are heartbroken.

"Her children really miss her. I put the kids on the school bus crying and I put then to bed crying," said Peaslee, adding that Sadie could be anywhere.

"The problem is our road it a throughway to everywhere it leads to Maine and Ossipee," she said.

Shortly after the dog went missing, Peaslee called Wakefield Police/Carroll County Sheriff's Office dispatch and has checked in with local police departments and bordering communities such as Ossipee and Acton, Maine. As of Monday, Sadie had not been turned in to the Lakes Region Humane Society in Ossipee. Granite State Dog Recovery is also assisting in the search. While that agency is listing Sadie as "stolen," Peaslee said she thinks someone, some well-meaning Samaritan, mistook the dog as lost.

"I have full faith someone will do the right thing and bring her home," she said. Anyone with information about Sadie's whereabouts or the motorists who took her is urged to call Wakefield Police Department at 522-3232 during normal business hours, or county dispatch at 539-2284 after hours.

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