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Candidates already lining up for September primaries

May 08, 2014
REGION — The filing period opens June 4 for those interested in running for election to county or state offices at the September Primary election. We reached out to the Carroll County incumbents and several have confirmed they plan to seek re-election.

Carroll County Sheriff Domenic Richardi (R-Conway) will be seeking re-election and posted an official notice to that effect on his "Richardi for Sheriff" Facebook page that read, in part, "It has been an honor and privilege to be your Sheriff for my first term. The 2014 Election season is upon us and I will be campaigning for Re-Election for Carroll County Sheriff. I hope to have your support during this campaign. I want to continue the work that has been done to bring back the cooperation with all the area law enforcement and emergency response agencies. I want to continue to work against the drug problems and crime in Carroll County with these other agencies."

County Attorney Robin Gordon (D-Tamworth) will be seeking re-election to her two-year seat.

County Register of Deeds Ann Aiton (R-Ossipee) said she is undecided but is "contemplating" a run.

Of the 15 NH State Representatives that also serve as members of the Carroll County Delegation, nine responded. Harry Merrow (R-Ossipee) will not be seeking re-election. He also opted out of seeking re-election as an Ossipee Selectman in March, choosing instead to stay involved by participating in other civic activities including appointment as a trustee of trust funds.

Seven state representatives will be seeking re-election: Mark McConkey (R-Freedom), Karen Umberger (R-Conway), Karel Crawford (R-Moultonborough), Glenn Cordelli (R-Moultonborough), Stephen Schmidt (R-Wolfeboro), Tom Lavender (D-Brookfield), Bill Nelson (R-Brookfield). Susan Ticehurst (D-Tamworth) is considering a run but has not made her final decision. "I'd love to continue to work for fair, responsible and open government but have not made a final decision at this time," Ticehurst said.

As for county commissioners, the seats held by David Babson (R-Ossipee) and Asha Kenney (R-Wakefield) are up for grabs, with neither candidate willing to answer as of press time whether or not they will be seeking re-election. Kenney is finishing up a four-year term and Babson a two-year term. For the upcoming election, the seat Kenney holds becomes a two-year and Babson's a four-year.

The filing period remains open June 4 through June 13. Candidates for state representative must file their declaration of candidacy at the town clerk's office in the town where they live. All other candidates, including county officers, governor, and state senator candidates must file with the New Hampshire Secretary of State's Office. More information about filing requirements or and of the election laws can be obtained by calling NHSOS at 271-3242 or by visiting their website at sos.nh.gov

The Primary Election will be held Sept. 9, where voters will decide which candidates will move on to the General Election Nov. 4.

Carroll County Delegation will be meeting May 19 beginning at 9 a.m. at the Administration Building on Water Village Road in Ossipee. The purpose of their meeting is to review the first quarter 2014 county budget and to set the salaries for elected officials that will be in effect for 2015 and 2016.

State representatives earn $200 per year and are reimbursed some mileage costs. They are charged not only with serving on committees and adopting state laws at the State level but are also responsible for serving on county committees and overseeing the county budget.

County commissioners are charged with administering the day-to-day operations of Carroll County Government and are paid $10,500 each per year for their efforts. They are also reimbursed for mileage expenses when traveling on county business and their single-person dental insurance is paid by the County.

Carroll County Attorney is paid $72,000 per year, which is about $8,000 per year below the state average for county attorneys. Carroll County Sheriff is paid $62,000 per year which is comparable to sheriffs across the state. Carroll County Register is paid $45,000 per year which is well below the state average of $55,000 per year. Additionally, these three Carroll County officials receive single-person healthcare coverage of which they bear 20 percent of the cost and the County pays 80 percent. If they wish to upgrade the coverage to add a spouse or family, they bear the full cost of that additional coverage.

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