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Ossipee still looking for volunteers on town boards

THE ROAD AT ISSUE: this town road was formerly a section of Route 25 East and serves as a access road or driveway to three Ossipee businesses (Abbott and Staples, Bill's Laundry, Seconds Anyone? Antiques and Lynnski's Restaurant). Public Works Director Brad Harriman has cited problems with keeping the road plowed when trucks park in that roadway. (Mellisa Seamans photo) (click for larger version)
May 08, 2014
OSSIPEE — Two former selectmen have stepped forward to volunteer, reducing the number of open town board positions selectmen are hoping to fill soon.

Morton Leavitt has volunteered and will serve until March 2015 as a cemetery trustee. This three-member board still has one open position. The trustees of trust funds board also has one remaining open position as Harry Merrow volunteered to serve alongside current trustee Condict Billings on that board.

There also remain two open seats on the town's conservation commission. More information about Ossipee Conservation Commission can be found on the town's website, including meeting minutes and ordinances, at http://ossipee.org/boards/conservation/.

Roadside Cleanup

In the hope of enticing more volunteers to turn out this weekend for the annual roadside cleanup event, selectmen have given the public works director permission to purchase and provide lunch. The meal, likely pizza, will be free to all who help May 10, during the hours of 8 a.m. to noon. Volunteers are asked to meet at Ossipee Town Hall to pick up their blue trash bags and road assignments. Anyone who is unable to help May 10 but is willing to pick up roadside trash another day of the year is reminded there will be blue trash bags available at Ossipee Town Hall anytime. The town's public works employees will pick up the full bags left roadside and take them to the transfer station.

No Overnight Parking

Selectmen heard concerns from the public works director about trucks parking overnight at the Route 25 East edge of the Abbott and Staples General Store parking lot. At times during the winter, big rig trailers were left for days at a time. Why is there concern about vehicles being parked in front of a private business? The entrance at both ends of the parking lot and the pavement that runs along the front of it connecting the entrances is actually a town road. And, therefore, it is plowed by the town's road crew in the winter. When big trailers or other vehicles are in the way, it makes snow removal difficult, said DPW Director Brad Harriman. That "road" is not listed on the town maps as having its own name but used to be Route 25 before the current highway was built. The State conveyed it to the town, which has remained responsible for it ever since. It is unclear exactly why previous boards of selectmen have not voted to abandon the road, giving the road and the responsibility for maintaining it to the three business owners at that site. One reason given May 6 in response to this reporter's question is that it keeps the flow of traffic available to all three businesses Abbotts, Bill's Laundry, and Lynnski's Restaurant. If the land were to be split three ways, each business would have the option to block traffic access to the neighboring businesses.

Harriman wanted to make the selectmen aware of the parking issue and asked them to consider possible options for curbing the overnight parking, including striping to show the travelling public that it is, in fact, a road or signage for no overnight parking. Without something being done to visually designate it as a roadway, Harriman said there is little the police can do to enforce rules governing no parking on town roads.

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