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Carroll County performance audit now underway

May 01, 2014
OSSIPEE — After a two-week break under an "indefinite recess," Carroll County Commissioners were back to business April 23. They closed out their April 9 meeting and then went on to the current business.

The indefinite recess came after a dispute about Commissioner Asha Kenney dredging up old news from two years ago and attempting to make a current issue of Commissioner David Sorensen's past use of the County credit card. Commissioner David Babson called for the recess and asked that the board not reconvene until Kenney brought forward information to justify her jab that Sorensen had somehow committed fraud. During the two-week hiatus Kenney did not contact her fellow commissioners or anyone in the business office with notice she had the requested information. Failing that, her fellow commissioners decided the wait could not continue forever and business must go on.

The April 23 meeting brought the beginning of the delegation-approved performance audit process with two representatives from Matrix Consulting Group attending. Throughout the rest of the day the consultants met individually with county business office staff and with Babson and Sorensen. Reportedly, Kenney declined to meet with the consultants as requested that afternoon. The $27,000 performance audit process is expected to take 12 weeks and analyze the policies, processes, and staffing of the county administration.

County attorney

Carroll County Attorney Robin Gordon attended the April 23 meeting to update the commissioners on the happenings in her office. She reported that some police departments in the county are in preliminary discussions about pooling their resources and hiring a prosecutor who would work out of the county attorney's office. The prosecutor would be charged with handling misdemeanor-level cases. She indicated Ossipee, in particular, is expressing a need for an extra person. "They are having a real difficult time processing their cases in the court system because they have so many arrests," said Gordon. For long range planning, the office is going to expand, said Gordon and more room will be needed to accommodate the work of her department. Babson suggested the county attorney's office move over to the old nursing home. "It would be really nice to have the probation, sheriff's department, and the county attorney's office in this (administration) building," said Gordon, suggesting one county building devoted to law enforcement. Gordon said her office is also cramped for record storage space but, unfortunately, the county delegation cut the funding in this year's budget that was meant to get an electronic file storage system in place. Gordon did agree to go to at least look at the old nursing home.

On the Farm

Commissioners discussed with County Farm Manager Will DeWitte the reconstruction of the pole barn that blew down last year. Insurance money received after that accident of $10,000 will be used along with $2,500 from the current operating budget to construct a new barn to store campfire wood that is processed by jail inmates. No decision was made at the April 23 meeting. "I'm not sold," said Babson on the proposal for construction, wanting to take at least another week to consider the options.

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