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Commissioners to resume meeting after "indefinite recess"

April 24, 2014
OSSIPEE — As of press time, a meeting was posted and Carroll County Commissioners were set to meet on Wednesday morning, April 23. The board has been on an "indefinite recess" since April 9.

In a letter to the editor earlier this month in this newspaper, Commissioner Asha Kenney accused Commissioner David Sorensen of misusing the County credit card to pay for travel expenses to a National Association of Counties conference. In part, her letter read, "While he (Sorensen) ignores real issues such as his own misuse of county credit card when his own personal credit card was not working he attempts to distract the public with pathetic name calling and smear tactics that are empty of truth or real evidence." We have been unable to locate instances, either in meeting video or meeting minutes, of Sorensen name calling. Further, without more information about what Kenney is talking about, is unknown what "smear tactics" means in her statement.

As for the credit card issue, Commissioner David Babson, fed up with what he called Kenney's constant berating of vendors, employees and her fellow board members, pushed for her to provide proof of credit card misuse. When she refused, her fellow commissioners voted to recess their meeting indefinitely until she backed up her claims.

As of close of business April 22 Kenney hadn't been in contact with her fellow commissioners on this issue and apparently hadn't been to the county business office to do any other work. She did find time to submit a letter to the editor somewhat addressing the issue, which is in this week's edition of this newspaper [see page A8].

It appears her fellow commissioners decided a two-week hiatus was enough and it was to be business as usual April 23. With county business to attend to the commissioners were set to start this week's meeting at 8:30 a.m. at the county administration building and had a full agenda. The business for the day was set to include updates from heads of the nursing home and jail. The commissioners were also set to open bids received from contractors hoping to rebuild the pole barn. The half-built barn was destroyed last year when heavy wind toppled it.

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