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Kingswood High school to change class scheduling next fall

THE 2014-15 SCHOOL BOARD (l-r): Student Representative Dylan Tarbox, Vice Chair Dr. James Manning, Board Member Conner MacIver, Board Member Diane Carlson, Administrative Secretary Joanne Fiorini, Board Members Stacy Trites and Jack Widmer, Chair Charlene Seibel, Board Members Julianne Cardinal, Tim Eldridge and Ernie Brown. (Heather Terragni photo) (click for larger version)
April 10, 2014
NEW DURHAM — The Governor Wentworth Regional School Board began its April 7 meeting with the reorganization of the board, during which Charlene Seibel was nominated to serve as chair and Dr. James Manning, vice chair.

School Board members each signed the school board member ethics policy. The policy is a reminder of what individuals should strive towards when serving as a school board member. It includes initiatives such as attending meetings as frequently as possible, representing the district as a whole not just from the town the member resides, working as a team, etc.

Diane Carlson reported on a presentation given to the Academic Affairs Committee by Kingswood High School Principal Guy Donnelly earlier that evening.

After two years of research the Student Advancement Team, made up of high school faculty and parents, along with Donnelly are proposing a schedule change in the high school to take effect in fall 2014.

Currently the school day consists of four 90-minute blocks.

The new schedule is modeled on Contoocook Valley High School's intervention model, reported Carlson, and consists of four shortened core blocks with a fifth 45-minute TASC (teacher assistance student centered) block in the middle which would serve as an enrichment/support period. During this time, students in need of help in any given class will get time to meet with the instructor of that class to work on strengthening the student's knowledge of the subject. Likewise, students achieving above a certain percentage in all classes will have the ability to choose an enrichment activity to work on such as college essay writing under the guidance of an instructor. TASC blocks are designed for direct target instruction.

Carlson reported that under this model Contoocook Valley has seen a 30 percent reduction in failing grades.

In general, Cuddy-Egbert said the model was well received by faculty.

Election results

Superintendent Kathleen Cuddy-Egbert reviewed the election results before happily thanking the taxpayers for their support.

Article II regarding the turf field capital reserve fund passed with 67 percent of the vote and the $200,000 capital improvements article passed with 71.59 percent of the vote. The Middleton tuition agreement article received 79.34 percent of the vote and the operating budget, 75.87 percent.

These numbers show voter support that the board and administration never takes for granted said Cuddy-Egbert.

End of year

The end of the school year is nearer for some than others.

The Lakeside Academy graduation ceremony is scheduled for June 11. Kingswood's graduation day is set for Saturday, June 14 (unless there's another snow day) and the last day of school for the district's schools is penciled in as Monday, June 23.

Public input

During public input Ellen Phillips, a former Governor Wentworth Regional School District teacher, said that she hoped the board was considering filling a New Durham School teaching position that was vacated last year. With large classes at the lower levels and an anticipated large incoming Kindergarten class next fall Phillips said the position was much needed. New Durham resident Karen Waldron seconded Phillips' opinion and said she had submitted a letter to the board in favor of filling the vacated position as well. The board did not respond at the time.

The full board meets again on Monday evening, May 12, following a joint boards meeting in the Skylight Dining Room.

This meeting can be viewed in its entirety at wolfeborocommunitytelevision.com.

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