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Ossipee man shot at Jude Boulevard home

March 20, 2014
OSSIPEE — A Jude Boulevard home here was the scene of a shooting March 16, leading many to question whether the incident is connected to other recent events at that home.

All day last Monday, March 17, the area surrounding the home remained cordoned off with police tape and was being heavily guarded by officers from N.H. State Police. That agency's Major Crime Unit van was onsite. By the afternoon of March 18, the only remaining evidence something had occurred were scraps of that police tape lying in the snow and an evidence sticker on the door casing of the home.

As of press time, police had released no official statement. Ossipee Police Det. Sgt. Robert King confirmed Tuesday morning comments he had given to other media outlets, including that around 9 p.m. on March 16 a shooting occurred at 2 Jude Blvd. in Ossipee and that the victim, John Mason, was in stable condition and talking.

A call to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) in Lebanon yielded no further information. A hospital spokesperson was unable to confirm Mason's condition, release information about whether or not Mason was a patient there, or to even accept a phone message to deliver to him

Emergency responders were called to 2 Jude Blvd. on a report of a male subject with multiple gunshot wounds. According to information garnered from emergency radio communications, Mason was transported to Huggins Hospital in Wolfeboro and soon thereafter airlifted to DHMC. Conflicting information from sources since the incident claims Mason suffered only one gunshot and that he was able to return fire in an effort to defend himself but that information as well is yet to be confirmed by police or by Mason.

Home invasion

Mason was interviewed last month and an article ran in the Feb. 20 edition of this newspaper about a Feb. 7 home invasion at 2 Jude Blvd. Mason is a resident of the home that is listed in town property tax records as belonging to Jeffrey Faris of Ossipee.

James Brooks, 31, of Ossipee was arrested Feb. 14 in connection with that break-in and charged with burglary, armed robbery, trespassing, threatening, and reckless driving. As of press time on March 18, Brooks remained in jail in connection with those charges.

In the interview about the home invasion that Mason gave this reporter, he recounted the events of the evening when two men broke into his home, threatened him with a steak knife and demanded money and drugs. Mason was able to chase the men from the home, firing several shots at them. He said a female was driving the getaway car. Also during the interview, Mason lamented that the days are gone when a person could leave their home and cars unlocked and said from then on he would be keeping his house and vehicles locked and, as a warning to anyone who might try to harm him and his family again, he would be armed.

Jeffrey Lamarche, 35 of Ossipee has since been charged in connection with the home invasion, including charges of criminal trespass, burglary, and robbery.

Drug sweep

As reported last week, on March 10 police arrested nine people in Effingham and Ossipee, charging them with drug sales.

Seven of the nine are out on bail, awaiting future court dates. A review of the publicly available documents at Third Circuit Court in Ossipee confirms the sweep, at least in part, had a connection to Mason's residence, though it is not clear from those documents whether or not the drug arrests are connected to Mason himself.

James Jennings, 19, of Center Ossipee is accused of selling heroin to an undercover informant of Ossipee Police Department at Mason's residence on March 3 and March 5. He is also accused of selling to an undercover informant two times on Chickville Road in Ossipee.

John Parsons, 21, is accused of selling heroin to an undercover Ossipee Police informant on March 3 and March 5 at Mason's residence.

Christopher McCarthy, 23, and Aerielle Glazier, 21, who were both living in Ossipee at the time of their Ossipee arrest March 10 are accused of being together and selling heroin to an OPD informant on Feb. 17, Feb. 19, and Feb. 20 on Jude Boulevard.

Curt Dow, 50, is accused of crimes committed at his 220 Chickville Road residence in Ossipee, including the Jan. 26 sale of cocaine, Feb. 18 sale of 10 pills of the prescription drug Dilauded which is a Schedule II controlled substance and is prescribed to treat moderate to severe chronic pain, selling heroin between the dates of Feb. 28 and March 9, and a count of committing a crime while on bail. Dow has been on bail since his arrest in May 2013 when he was charged with selling heroin. Committing a felony while out on bail carries with it the possibility of up to seven additional years in prison.

Jeffrey Lamarche was also arrested during the drug sweep and is accused of selling heroin three times in January to an informant at his Moose Ridge Road residence and one count of selling cocaine. At the time of his arrest, Lamarche was on parole following a stint in N.H. State Prison. He was transferred from Carroll County House of Corrections and is currently being held at the prison.

Mark Galloway, 33, with listed addresses of Green Mountain Road in Effingham and Folsom Road in Center Ossipee is accused of two counts of selling heroin between the dates of Feb. 25 and March 9 to an informant at the Center Ossipee address.

Casey Morgan, 26, of Elm Street in Ossipee is accused of one count of heroin sales at that address between March 1 and March 9.

Steven VanTassel, 42, of Huntress Bridge Road in Effingham has been unable to make bail and is being held on $5,000 cash or surety, charged with selling heroin on March 5 to an informant at his address.

In addition to standard bail conditions, the nine arrested were given a list of names of people they are not allowed to contact. The list includes the nine arrested as well as nine other names, including Mason.

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