Experienced candidates prevail in area elections this year

OSSIPEE CANDIDATES enjoyed sunshine and near 50-degree weather March 11 as they campaigned outside Ossipee Town Hall. Frank Riley won a position on the board of selectmen and Will DeWitte was elected water and sewer commissioner. (Mellisa Seamans photo) (click for larger version)
March 13, 2014
REGION — Their roots run deep and their names are synonymous with their towns – and in Tuesday's elections they swept the competition.

Frank Riley was elected Ossipee selectman with 244 votes, beating out Kathleen Maloney and Stephen McConarty who had 147 and 133 votes, respectively.

Lawrence Edwards was elected Effingham selectman with 161 votes, beating out current selectman Theresa Swanick, who received 94 votes and former longtime selectman William Piekut, who received 92 votes. There were no other contested races in Effingham.

The second time was a charm for Will DeWitte, who lost his bid last year for election to the Ossipee Water and Sewer Commission. He won Tuesday's election with 208 votes, beating out longtime commissioner Elliott Harris, who received 144 votes and newcomer Florence LeMay, who received 89 votes.

Ski Kwiatkowski and Bruce Parsons were re-elected to Ossipee planning board with Kwiatkowski receiving 211 votes and Parsons, 238. They beat out Ricky St. Jean, who received 121 votes and Richard Fahy, who received 134 votes.

Joan O'Hara was re-elected to serve as an Ossipee library trustee with 312 votes. Richard Fahy narrowly won the second library trustee seat with 169 votes to John Mingori's 145 votes.

It was a close race but Matthew Trahan, with 221 votes, won out over Kwiatkowski who received 188 votes for the two-year Ossipee Budget Committee seat.

All zoning articles passed easily in Ossipee and Effingham.


There were no contested races in Freedom this year. Nearly 27 percent of voters here turned out to cast a ballot. Selectman Les Babb was re-elected and will now begin his fifth term. The four zoning amendments on the ballot easily passed.

Freedom has long had the tradition that ballot voting takes place downstairs at the town hall while the Town Meeting is happening upstairs on the second Tuesday morning in March every year. That tradition is likely to change for the future as voters, in a 171-126 vote, passed a ballot question allowing the Town Meeting deliberative session to now be held separately. It will now be up to selectmen to decide when Town Meetings will be held in the future and speculation points to Saturdays.


The only contested race here was that for the position of fire commissioner with Denita Dudley receiving 231 votes and edging out Phoebe Shackford Rand who received 156 votes.

Once again, but this time just narrowly, Madison voters rejected the idea of adopting the official ballot voting on all issues, also known as SB2, opting instead to continue the tradition of annual Town Meeting. The item needed a two-thirds vote to pass but in a vote of 152 yes to 103 no votes, the item only received a favorable vote of 59.6 percent.


In the two contested races in Wakefield Relf Fogg had the distinction of losing in both. He came in fourth in a field of four running for three positions of the Budget Committee and he also lost to challenger Rosemary Stewart in the race for Asessor. The Budget Committee vote was: Jerry O'Connor, 353; Priscilla Colbath, 328, Lisa Kimball, 309 and Relf Fogg, 296. In the Assessor race Stewart received 323 votes to Fogg's 246.

Fogg was elected to the Wakefield School Board, however. The school board election had no contested positions and both warrant articles also passed.

Of the 36 warrant articles on the Wakefield ballot, all but three passed. Article 10, submitted by petition to remove "Boat and Marine Craft Dealers" from the list of permitted uses in Residential Zone III, failed on a vote of 193-382. Article 11 from the same petitioners to change "Boat Storage Facility" from a use allowed by conditional permit to a non-permitted use, also fell short by a vote of 197-374.

The last article defeated was Article 33, which proposed to change the percentage of Land Use Change Taxes deposited in the Conservation Fund from 100 percent to 50 percent, lost on a relatively close vote of 267-302.

School district results

In the only contest in the Governor Wentworth Regional School District election, incumbent Stacy Trites easily defeated challenger Bob Jones in Wolfeboro 1,156-256 and district-wide 2,379-800.

All four warrant articles also passed with comfortable margins.

Executive Council result

At press time the special election for the District 1 Executive Council seat formerly held by the late Ray Burton was too close to call. In local towns, however, Wakefield's Joe Kenney won over Mike Cryans.

Detailed election results will be published next week.

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