Kenney criticizes minutes and commission secretary

February 06, 2014
OSSIPEE — In a scene that has become all too familiar over the past three years, County Commissioner Asha Kenney once again went on the attack against a county employee at the board's Jan. 29 meeting. Not surprisingly, the recording secretary was the target of her wrath.

Michelle Hamilton is the board's sixth recording secretary since Kenney took office in January 2010, with the majority of those who resigned stating Kenney's actions as their main reason for leaving.

"She's been very disrespectful and I don't want to work anymore with her," said Kenney while pointing her finger at Hamilton and then went on a rant about where and how Hamilton types the minutes. Earlier in the meeting Kenney also lashed out at Hamilton, apparently upset because Hamilton "puts things in her own words" and doesn't type verbatim every word Kenney says during the meetings. Hamilton was hired by the board last fall as a recording secretary, not a transcriptionist. Hamilton asked Kenney to bring the wording of the changes she would like entered as an amendment to the minutes. Kenney responded, which has also become typical, that she doesn't even remember what she said. "I don't like all the rewording what you do. You're using your own words. I like to have precisely the statement what I am saying. If you use your own words sometimes it means something different. Every week I am misquoted," said Kenney.

"That's what you're paying me to do. If it means something different you should come in with the correction. That's why I send them (the minutes) out ahead of time," said Hamilton.

Sorensen asked what Kenney said that she wants included in the minutes. "I don't know what I said. It was two weeks ago but I said it on video," said Kenney. Kenney voted against approving the minutes.

Troubling to some was that the chairman of the board, Commissioner David Sorensen, didn't call Kenney out on her disparaging remarks against Hamilton or end the rant, despite Commissioner Dave Babson asking him to.

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