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A fine King Pine day

Kennett, Kingswood alpine teams open the season in Madison

by Joshua Spaulding
Sports Editor - Granite State News, Carroll County Independent, Meredith News, Gilford Steamer, Winnisquam Echo, Plymouth Record-Enterprise and Baysider

DANNY NASH of Kennett rips through a gate in action at King Pine on Dec. 19. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
December 20, 2013
MADISON — As they traditionally do, the Kennett and Kingswood alpine ski teams took to the slopes for a pre-holiday meet at King Pine Ski Area on Thursday, Dec. 19.

Once again, King Pine provided some beautiful snow conditions and the kids were able to get in a total of six giant slalom runs apiece in the all-day meet. For scoring purposes, the first two runs counted as one race, the second two counted as the second race and the last two runs counted as the third race. The skiers took three runs in the morning and three more in the afternoon.

Stealing the show for the day was Kennett's Maya Bernier, who won all three of her races for the day.

In the first race, Bernier recorded a combined time of 1:01.43 to take the top spot, while teammate Emma Niiler was second in 1:03.1, Maddie Glavin was third in 1:03.59 and Brooke Lemerise placed fourth to round out the scoring in 1:03.71.

For Kingswood, the top girl was Zoe Reed, who placed 11th overall in 1:08.74, while Cassidy Ridings came home in 18th in 1:14.47, Jasper Shapiro placed 19th in 1:15.8 and Kirsten Gehl rounded out the scoring in 20th in 1:16.72.

Kennett took spots five through 10, with Nora Miller in 1:06.16, Liz Robert in 1:06.22, Sarah Smith in 1:07.8, Keara Wagner in 1:08.11, Kasey Connifey in 1:08.29 and Molly Miller in 1:08.7. Amelya Saras (1:09.08), Annabella Canter (1:09.5), India Drummond (1:10.13), Victoria Burns (1:11.35), Gillian Wilcox (1:11.66) and Dana Saxby (1:13.27) all earned top-20 finishes.

Kingswood's field was rounded out by Laura Blocher in 1:17.22, Hannah Demain in 1:18.57, Kennah Leavitt in 1:20.12 and Mikayla Osgood in 1:21.05.

In the second race, Bernier again led the field in a time of 1:00.78, with Lemerise moving up to second in 1:02.77 and Niiler taking third in 1:03.07. Glavin rounded out the scoring in 1:03.47.

For Kingswood, it was Reed again leading the way in 14th place in 1:09.63, with Ridings in 17th in 1:13.13, Gehl in 18th in 1:13.36 and Shapiro in 19th in 1:14.8.

Kennett finished in spots five through 13, with Robert in 1:05.56, Nora Miller in 1:05.91, Smith in 1:06.18, Wagner in 1:07.72, Molly Miller in 1:08.75, Canter in 1:08.88, Saras in 1:08.91, Connifey in 1:09.2 and Drummond in 1:09.23. Burns (1:11.09) and Saxby (1:12.11) also earned top-20 finishes.

Kingswood's field was rounded out by Osgood in 1:16.63, Blocher in 1:16.67, Leavitt in 1:17.75 and Demain in 1:19.08.

Bernier clocked a time of 1:01.71 to win the third race of the day, with Lemerise again coming in second in 1:03.46, while Glavin moved up to third in 1:03.89. Niiler was fourth in 1:04.08.

For Kingswood, Reed was again the top finisher, placing 12th in 1:08.99, with Gehl in 16th in 1:11.67 and Ridings in 18th in 1:13.74. Shapiro rounded out the scoring in 19th in 1:14.52.

Kennett took spots five through 11, with Nora Miller in 1:05.55, Robert in 1:05.78, Smith in 1:08.02, Saras in 1:08.56, Wagner in 1:08.73, Canter in 1:08.95 and Drummond in 1:08.96. Molly Miller (1:09.77), Connifey (1:10.21), Burns (1:11.09) and Saxby (1:12.59) all cracked the top-20.

Taylor Hanlon and Jasmine Schmidt also competed for Kennett in the morning races.

Kingswood's field was rounded out by Blocher in 1:16.13, Osgood in 1:16.36, Demain in 1:16.63 and Leavitt in 1:17.63.

On the boys' side of things, Kennett's Tyler Eldridge and Dan Nash each picked up wins, with Eldridge winning a pair of races.

In the first race, it was Eldridge taking the win, as he finished in 1:00.1, with teammate Adam Wright in 1:00.46 for second and Nash in third in 1:00.59. Jake Remick rounded out the scoring for Kennett in fourth in 1:01.23.

For Kingswood, Alec Kalled led the way, finishing in 10th in 1:05.81, with Zach Mason placing 12th in 1:06.74 and Tegan Keating finishing 13th in 1:07.19. Adam Keaton rounded out the scoring in 1:08.63 for 14th place.

Kennett took spots five through nine, with Danny MacDonald in 1:01.39, Luke Tinkham in 1:01.74, Grant Meserve in 1:02.98, Thomas Welch in 1:04.97 and Marcus Clancy in 1:05.14. Kiefer Bradley (1:06.13) Dennis Morgan (1:10.21), Cal Bennett (1:12.08), Tim Laracy (1:12.93) and Kevin Brogan (1:13.19) also earned top-20 finishes.

Kingswood's field was rounded out by Matt Ridings in 1:11.4, Isaac Sheahan in 1:14.24, James Varney in 1:15.94 and Josh Bisson in 1:20.98.

Nash won the second race, finishing in 1:00.35, followed by Eldridge in 1:00.65 and Wright in 1:00.93. Tinkham moved up to fourth with a time of 1:01.1.

For Kingswood, Kalled was again the top finisher, placing 10th in 1:05.83, while Keating finished 11th in 1:07.4 and Mason finished 12th in 1:07.81. Keaton finished in 13th in 1:08.99.

Kennett again took spots five through nine, with Remick in 1:01.22, MacDonald in 1:01.53, Meserve in 1:02.66, Bradley in 1:04.78 and Welch in 1:05.38. Clancy (1:09.51), Morgan (1:09.72), Laracy (1:10.74), Brogan (1:11.06) and Bennett (1:11.66) also earned top-20 finishes.

Kingswood's field was rounded out by Ridings in 1:11.41, Sheahan in 1:13.53, Varney in 1:17.07 and Bisson in 1:17.24.

Eldridge went back on top for the third race, finishing in 1:00.86, with Remick skiing to second place in 1:00.91 and Tinkham moving up to third in 1:01.12. Wright moved into the final scoring position in fourth in 1:01.66.

Kalled was again tops for the Knight boys, finishing in 10th in 1:06.45. Keating finished 11th in 1:07.67, Mason was 12th in 1:09.18 and Keaton finished 13th in 1:09.28.

Kennett once again also took spots five through nine, with Nash in 1:01.95, MacDonald in 1:02.31, Meserve in 1:02.87, Bradley in 1:04.37 and Welch in 1:06.11. Morgan (1:09.32), Laracy (1:10.16), Bennett (1:10.56), Brogan (1:11.87) and Nikos Tsoules (1:11.9) also finished in the top-20.

Also finishing for the Knights were Ridings in 1:13.71, Sheahan in 1:15.34, Varney in 1:18.23 and Bisson in 2:01.79.

Both teams are off for the rest of 2013 and will return to action at Gunstock on Friday, Jan. 3.

Joshua Spaulding can be reached at 569-3126 or sportsgsn@salmonpress.com.

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