Public asked to be on lookout for missing Conway teen

A mother's plea

ABBY HERNANDEZ has now been missing for seven weeks. Her mother Zenya read a letter to her missing 15-year-old daughter on Nov. 22, asking her to "reach out to me." Police are asking people to be especially watchful for the girl during this Thanksgiving holiday. (Courtesy photo) (click for larger version)
November 27, 2013
CONWAY — It has been seven weeks since the disappearance of 15-year-old Abigail Hernandez, last seen leaving Kennett High School in Conway at dismissal time. This week, her mother Zenya stood alongside N.H. Senior Assistant Attorney General Jane Young outside Conway Police Department Nov. 22 and read a letter to her missing daughter.

Her letter read, "Dear Abby, I believe you are out there watching and listening to me right now. I miss you and love you so much more than you can imagine. I feel your absence every day. You belong at home with me. Abby, you are a strong young woman and I am staying strong for you. You are courageous, you are smart, and you are beautiful. Abby, you matter to me. I believe you are alive and I know that hope speaks louder than fear. It is my hope that you can reach out to me. I feel your absence every day and I want you home with me. I will do anything and everything in my power to help you make your dreams come true. Abby, I keep having a dream where you come home and I give you the biggest hug ever. I know in my heart this dream means something and that it matters. I pray to God it will come true. Love, Mom."

A new website called "Bring Abby Home" at That website contains a timeline of the chain of events and police updates since her Oct. 9 disappearance, links to download pictures and posters, videos, as well as links to make donations and to order magnetic signs for displaying her photo on vehicles. "Abby's story has captured the hearts of people across the country and we all want her safely home," the website reads.

Abby is described as 5'4", weighing 118 pounds, with long brown hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing black leggings, a grey and black striped sweater, and black boots.

Anyone with any information about Abby's whereabouts is asked to call the Conway Police Department at (603) 356-5715 or the FBI at (800) CALL-FBI.

At the Nov. 22 press conference, Young responded to a reporter's question about whether or not investigators think Abby ran away. "We are looking at all avenues. Until we find her and we know exactly what happened to her, I can't articulate a theory." Young went on to say that investigators have been working on the case daily and are on-call 24 hours a day to follow through on any information that comes in. Young said the decision was made to call for the press conference based on the upcoming holiday bringing many travelers back to the area that were last here Columbus Day weekend. She stressed the importance of keeping Abby's photograph circulating in the community but also said, "We need her picture to go beyond this community…we need to get the photo out into the greater New England area, Young said."

People who have been following the case have been at a loss as to what they can do to help find Abby. The Bring Abby Home website offers some advice. First, report and tips immediately. "The FBI would rather get a tip twice than not at all. Your tip could be the difference in finding Abby," the website reads. Second, print out some posters and put them in your community. Next, share information and photos on your website, blog, and on social media sites. The website also suggests sharing Zenya's letter and making a donation to the family in this time of need.

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